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Crimes Involving Inmates Who Come Into Los Angeles County Courts

Believe it or not, a lot of inmates in county jail and even state prisons across California are being brought into various courthouses for inmate-related offenses. In other words, where one inmate stabs another inmate, drugs inside the jail — there's all sorts of inmate-related crimes. Maybe they attack one of the deputies.

So, if you or a loved one has an inmate-related offense you should contact a seasoned criminal defense attorney who is used to dealing with that system. There's a whole system set up for that. Very similar to the Public Defender's office where all they're doing is dealing with inmate-related offenses defending them. Of course, private attorneys can do that as well. They just need to know the system — how to work the system, and obviously, how to defend

somebody. Because a lot of times these criminal cases are coming into the regular criminal courts, not just through the jail or the prison itself, it's coming directly from the court where the jurisdiction is had.

So, if somebody commits an offense in the Lancaster State Prison for example, they're going to bring him into Lancaster court and prosecute him. If it's unclear whether the offense should be prosecuted in specific jurisdiction, then they'll just bring them into downtown Los Angeles, 210 West Temple and prosecute the case there.

Offenses While in Custody

I've been doing this for twenty-five years. I've represented who are inmates who are alleged to have committed all sorts of offenses while in custody and I've also seen these cases litigated in the criminal courts. So, these inmate-related offenses are in the Los Angeles County courts all the time. The same defenses apply that apply for a regular case.

Usually, the same types of crimes are going to be charged. So, you really have a dual system when it comes to theses inmate-related offenses. One has to do with the jail or the prison disciplining. They can add time on, take away the person's good-time work done, put them in a one-man cell. They can do all sorts of things to the prisoner, but if it's a crime and they want to take it outside of the jail and the prison system, then what they will do is, they'll make it real clear and they will send you right into court and then they'll prosecute you for whatever charge they deem is appropriate and they'll bring it to the prosecutors. A lot of times there are special prosecutors who just prosecute these jail-related offenses.

So, if you've got one of these cases, give me a call. We can sit down, talk about it, figure out exactly what we can do to get you the best result.

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