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Attorney Referral Program

Attorney Referral Program in California 

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys at Hedding Law Firm have the ability and resources to do the extensive work and investigation required for a criminal case. We recognize that our referrals will be based on past results. Our credentials are simply unmatched in all of Los Angeles County and we are confident in our skill and legal strategy.

Those who may benefit from our Attorney Referral Program are: Attorneys that do not practice criminal defense; Attorneys that do not have the necessary proficiency and resources to handle a particular criminal case; Attorneys from other jurisdictions that are unable to handle criminal cases in California.

Attorneys Seeking Attorney for California Criminal Cases

There are attorneys across the United States who are seeking lawyers in Los Angeles to represent those people they know are facing criminal charges in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles is a huge county with hundreds of prosecutors; over twenty-five courthouses, so it's often difficult to find an attorney to help your client, especially in cases where you don't practice criminal defense.

That's why I set things up easy here. I have a video explaining what we can do for your client.  My law firm frequently coordinates with other lawyers. In some cases, lawyers will call me and give me the specific information about their client and let me handle the case from that point. In other cases, the lawyer wants to also be involved in the process because they are attempting to help their client,

In these types of situations, they are most likely representing their client on another non-criminal issue and need to be involved in the process, which is fine with me. We can work as a team as we both are seeking what's in your client's best interest. In other words, we are attempting to obtain the best possible outcome for your client. In some cases, the lawyer can assist me in gathering critical information better than their client. So, depending on the specific circumstances, this attorney referral program can definitely be a big advantage to your client.

Developing a Defense Strategy

I have an open-door policy. If you are a lawyer who is seeking a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney or a federal crime defense attorney, call my office so we can start planning a solid defense strategy for your client. You can give me all the details on the phone and we can discuss how I can help your client. It helps me to have a lawyer who knows the client and the circumstances, so your client will feel effectively represented.

So, the referring attorney is someone who can help out in that process and make it easy for the client, maybe even understand some of the ins-and-outs of the justice system once. I can explain how we can get the best possible outcome, protect their record, protect their future, protect their freedom and protect their reputation.

So, pick up the phone if you've got a criminal matter that you need some help with and you're going to be the referring attorney, let me know and we will do everything we can to help you get this thing taken care of as smoothly and professionally as possible. Contact our California criminal defense lawyers to review the case and legal options.

Our defense lawyers have a combined 75 years of experience and we are well known and well respected all throughout Los Angeles. If you are interested in referring clients to the Hedding Law Firm, please call us today.We guarantee our passion and determination in representing our clients.