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What To Do If You Are Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Los Angeles

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, you need to hire a lawyer. This is because domestic violence charges have so many potential ramifications, such as the loss of freedom, loss of reputation, a criminal record, jail time, prison time and embarrassment.

You need a lawyer who is familiar with the courthouse where your case is pending, who's dealt with the judges and prosecutors, and who really knows how to deal with a domestic violence case in Los Angeles.

You have to sit down with that lawyer, tell them your story and ask how they can help you. You should have a list of questions prepared so that when you leave the meeting, you feel that all of your questions were answered.

I always like to develop a plan, and explain to my clients how I will investigate the case and how I will deal with the prosecutors. I need to know whether we are going to fight the case or negotiate, because each course of action requires that certain steps be taken.

Defense Strategies for Los Angeles Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence Charges

There are a number of different strategies that I use when it comes to these domestic violence cases in Los Angeles.

Self-defense is definitely a viable defense. If a person is being attacked by their partner and they push or hit that partner back, that is considered self-defense as long as they don't go too far or use more force than is reasonably necessary.

The problem is that if the police get there and see that someone is injured, then they are automatically going to assume that the person who is injured is the victim in the case. Sometimes the police will not believe the parties involved or will not know how to deal with a particular situation.

When it comes to a domestic violence case in Los Angeles, it's really going to center around the facts of the case.

Some people will make up negative stories about their spouses in order to get the upper hand in a custody battle, have them put in jail, take their assets or destroy their property. Some people will claim that they are the victim of domestic violence in an attempt to gain citizenship.

Again, this is why having a criminal defense attorney by your side is crucial.

You Need To Retain Experienced Attorney for Los Angeles Domestic Violence Cases

It is necessary to retain an experienced attorney to handle your domestic violence case because these cases are very politically charged.

There are special units in the prosecutor's office that deal with these cases, so you want a lawyer who is familiar with these units and who knows how to go about getting you the best result possible. I've been doing this for 25 years, and I have handled thousands of domestic violence cases; I know who to talk to, who not to talk to, what to say, and what not to say.

Once I have all of the information, we will sit down and review everything under the cloak of the attorney-client privilege.

You and I are going to come to a meeting of the minds and an agreement based on the facts of your case. You want someone who knows what types of punishments you may face and how to bring forth the mitigating evidence in order to get the best result possible.

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