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In California, drivers are required to use hands-free devices when making a phone call from their moving vehicles. This law came into effect from July 1, 2008.

A cell phone violation ticket will appear on your driving record and will cost you some money. Fines for cell phone violations range anywhere from $76 to $190 for first and second offenses.

The law is even stricter for minors. California law completely bans cell phone, pager, laptop, or any other electronic usage while driving, regardless of whether the device is hands-free or not. It is important to know that an officer may not pull over a minor for using a hands-free device because the violation is a secondary rather than a primary violation.

Whether an adult or minor, if you were using your cell phone device while driving to make an emergency call, you should not be cited for a cell phone violation.

If you have received a cell phone violation ticket, do not just accept it and let us help you fight it.

Our Los Angeles traffic court attorneys have the necessary experience, skill, knowledge, and rapport to effectively fight a traffic ticket, including a ticket for cell phone violation, in court for you.

We guarantee to provide dedicated, exceptional, and quality representation.

Contact our traffic tickets lawyer in Los Angeles for a free case evaluation.

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