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The Pomona California Jury Pool for Criminal Cases

In the 26 years that I've been practicing criminal defense and handing cases in the Pomona courthouse, I've known their jury pool to be very conservative.  Meaning, that if you've got a case there and you're taking it to trial, you'd better have some good evidence to attack the prosecutor's case because most times jurors are going to be looking to convict people.

I can't tell you how many times I've done trials and I've seen jurors already think somebody is guilty just simply because the police arrested them and they're being charged with a criminal case.

Retain an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

In order to turn that tide, obviously you're going to have to have a good attorney.  You've definitely come to the right place for that.  I've tried over 200 jury trials in my 26-year career.

I've worked for the District Attorney's office in Los Angeles county.  I've worked for a Superior Court judge in LA county and of course, I've had my own practice as a criminal defense attorney now since 1994.

Pomona California Jury Pool for Criminal Cases

So, I know how to try a case.  I know how to win a case. I know what cases can be won.  I know what cases cannot be won and I know which cases kind of fall right in the middle and could go either way.

If you've got a criminal case in Pomona that you're thinking about taking to trial, these are the types of discussions that you're going to need to have with your attorney.  Can I win this case?  What evidence is the prosecutor going to bring against me?

Can I counter that evidence?  Do they have the evidence to meet the elements of the crimes that I'm charged with?  These are the issues that we have to talk about when we talk about defending a jury trial in the Pomona court.

Testimony and Cross-Examination

We have to look at your case too.  In order to put up a defense, are you going to need to testify?  If you are going to need to testify in order to refute some of the things the prosecutor is going to argue in their case-in-chief.

Obviously we want to make sure that you are prepared to testify and that when you testify, not only does your story make sense, not only does your story provide a defense for you, but you're going to have to be ready when the direction examination is done and your attorney has laid out your story through you to withstand cross-examination by the prosecutors because they're not going to ask you questions and to challenge you.

Witness Testimony

When you're done testifying, they'll get to rebut whatever evidence you presented.  So they can call the detective.  They can call witnesses.  If they can prove, either while you're on the witness stand by asking you questions or through other evidence that you're not telling the truth on an important point, you'll lose the case at that point.

So, obviously you want to be in a position that if you do have to testify, you not only can testify with a story that makes sense and provides a defense for you, but also that you're ready when the prosecutors come at you.

Obviously, that's what I'm going to be there for — to present a powerful defense, to help you prepare for that attack that the prosecutors are going to mount against you, and of course, the truth will set you free.

Meaning, if you didn't do this crime and you're innocent, we're going to prove it.  If you did the crime, they've got the evidence, then obviously you don't want to take the case to jury trial in Pomona court.

Plea Bargaining with Prosecutor

You're going to want to let me work out a plea bargain, do damage control for you and mitigate the case so you don't end up in jail or prison or with some other worse sentence that is very difficult for you to recover from.

So, jury trials in Pomona are tough.  The jury pool is tough so you have to make sure you have a tough attorney that can fight for you and make the right decisions for you and help you make the right decisions for yourself.

Pick up the phone now.  Call Ron Hedding at The Hedding Law Firm.  I stand ready to fight on your behalf if you want to go to trial in the Pomona courthouse.

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