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Client Testimonials

A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ.

“Arrested for DUI with alcohol level of .21 with a minor car accident. I had briefly stopped to make sure the victims were okay and then left the scene without providing insurance, in which I was pulled over by LAPD about 1/4 mile from the scene. This was my 2nd DUI and I just completed probation 2 weeks prior, in which Ron Senior was my attorney at that time too and resulted in a Wet Reckless conviction with a .09 blood alcohol level. No jail time in the first case and I was sentenced to 3 years probation and a fine. With some luck and a great attorney, my 2nd DUI was only recognized as a 1st time DUI, but due to the accident and blood alcohol level, it was still considered a serious offense plus I have 2 more non alcohol related serious offenses from 10+ years ago. The prosecutors plea deal was 45 days in jail and 3 years probation, which should have been 120 days for a 2nd time offense and 5 years probation. At the time LA County jail was so overcrowded, most non-violent offenders were only doing 10% of their sentence and Ron Senior managed to get my sentence reduced to 30 days, a fine, and 9 month alcohol program, but had to enroll in a 18 month program if I wanted a restricted Driver's License. In normal conditions, I would have done 15 days with good behavior, but instead did 3 days due to overcrowding, in which Ron Senior had stated would possibly be the case. Since being released, I've had several progress scheduled court appearances and Ron's team has appeared at everyone, which has saved me time from missing work.

Prior to the conviction, Ron Senior was always available to speak with me and even provided his personal cell phone number if I could not reach him in office. I felt Ron genuinely did his best for my situation and the outcome was appropriate for the crime. Ron Senior knew the key players, (judge, prosecutor), which I feel helped in a big way too. Most important to me was Ron's effort and communication with me throughout the process. Thank you Ron.”

– A Satisfied Client