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Failure To RegisterIf someone is convicted of a sex crime and fails to register as a sex offender as required by law under California Penal Code Section 290 that person may face some strict penalties.

Our defense attorneys at Hedding Law Firm are here to help you if you are facing such a situation.

Failure to register may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on what the underlying sex offense was charged as. A felony conviction may result in state prison for 16 months, and up to 3 years.

Our Los Angeles sex crimes attorneys are here to help you if you are facing failure to register charges. We will break down all the requirements and specific qualifications to registering and re-registering and see if the prosecution has a valid case against you. We will do everything we can to protect your rights.

In most cases, the prosecutors will assert prior strikes to impose longer prison terms and no probation. We will do everything we can to come against this. Our sex crimes defense lawyers have helped people in similar situations and we have achieved resolutions of no jail and probation or even a dismissal. There a many defenses we can claim on your behalf, such as lack of intent or lack of knowledge, to minimize the penalties.

Wewant to help you protect your reputation and avoid life altering consequences. We will sit down with you and give you expert legal advice and lay out all your options for you.

Call our failure to register sex crime lawyers and set up a free face to face consultation.

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