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Can Other Charges Be Substituted To Avoid California Sex Offender Registration?

There are many other charges that can be used in sex crime cases that do not require sex registration. However, the issues related to that is the prosecutor and/or judge has to be willing to allow the person to plea to one of those other charges that do not require sex registration.

Whatever the person pleads to, it has to be something that makes sense in relation to what they are claimed to have done. In other words, they're not going to let somebody plead to a charge that has absolutely nothing to do with the behavior that led to their arrest in the first place.

This is where a seasoned sex crime attorney, who's been doing this a long time, has experience, who has dealt with the prosecutor and the judge in the courthouse where the case is pending comes in—to be able to craft these types of resolutions, and come up with a charge and convince the prosecutor and judge to go with it.

Why Judges And Prosecutors are Harsh In Prosecuting Sex Crimes

Judges and prosecutors are harsh in prosecuting sex crimes because of politics, society, and the stigma that comes along with sex crimes. Unfortunately for people who are charged with sex crimes, there is a huge stigma that comes along with that.

A lot of society puts pressure on the legislature, who puts pressure on the courts, to make sure that people who are charged with sex crimes are treated harshly. That's why the prosecutors and judges are so harsh.

Another reason is that these are the type of crimes that can come back and haunt prosecutors and judges if they are not harsh. If they don't create deterrence to people who commit these types of crime, later on if they were perceived as giving the particular defendant a break and the defendant commits another more serious crime, then the authorities that get that case can question the judge or prosecutor. This can have serious political ramifications for the judge or prosecutor who gave them a break.

Are There Defenses To Sex Crimes?

There are defenses to sex crimes. However, it's not a cookie-cutter situation, where every defense applies in every case. The defenses that might be applicable have to do with a particular sex crime and in the particular circumstances surrounding that crime.

For example, sometimes people get involved with each other and both parties are drunk, or the alleged victim is drunk. The alleged victim wakes up the next morning and claims that the person did some things, or they don't remember and they feel like they were taken advantage of.

This could be a defense because this doesn't necessarily mean that the other person took advantage of them. This type of a situation spins on its own facts and it's something you need to discuss with your attorney.

Other situations where I have seen sex crimes spun and there is a defense to it, is when there is a divorce situation. The other spouse is trying to get an advantage against the husband or wife in a divorce, so they make up a story about some sort of sex related incident to win money and get a huge advantage over the other person.

Other areas where I see defenses that can be utilized are when the other party gets very jealous and angry, and then makes up a story against the person that ultimately gets arrested. There are a number of areas that can be utilized in order to establish a defense in a sex crime case.

I've spoken to many police officers that realize that people make things up, and they don't tell the truth. The police are very savvy when it comes to this as well, and they are on the lookout for this type of stuff. They will listen to defense attorneys who have good arguments, and the facts to support them.

What Determines If A Person Goes To Jail Or Not For A Sex Crime?

There are several factors that determine if someone goes to jail for a sex crime. In general, the person's record for any prior sex crimes would be one factor, as the extent of their conduct, what they did, and how violating it was for the other person's personal space.

The age of the alleged victim in the case is a huge factor in determining whether a person goes to jail or prison. There is a difference between jail and prison. Jail refers to the county jail. It's a local time, and it's usually very close where the person committed the offense. Prison could be anywhere in the state of California, if your crime occurs in LA County, and you can get more time if you go to prison, because it's a different environment.

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