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Saving Your Professional License Related to A California Criminal Case

This is one of the big things that I work on when it comes to representing professionals on criminal cases, and that is, saving people's professional license — doctors, lawyers, real estate agents — the list goes on and on and on. I have clients coming to me and their main fear which makes perfect sense is, listen, this is how I make my money.

These guys are going to use this criminal offense against me and I'm going to be looking at not only time in jail, other penalties related to my criminal case, but I'm going to be looking at losing my professional license. A lot of things we can do related to this is to discuss these things with the prosecutors and the judge if it makes sense under the circumstances of your case.

Professional License Related To A Criminal Case

It's one thing to fight the case and we do that all the time, but sometimes people do not have the ability to fight the case because the prosecutors have the evidence, they need to prove the case. So, we have to take other tactics, other approaches related to your criminal case and related to saving your professional license.

Type of Professional License

One of the first things I do is, we get the details related to the license. In other words, what type of a crime would be acceptable related to your license?

Sometimes that requires coordinating with an attorney who actually fights cases related to your professional license. I've been involved in professional license hearings with the Medical Board and other agencies, but a lot of times what I will do is, I will coordinate with whoever the attorney is going to be that's going to help try to save your license, so that we can try to get a resolution that takes into account what the Licensing Board is going to be looking at when they're making a decision regarding you and our career.

The cornerstone of many people's lives is their professional career and they've got to have that in order to pay their bills, their mortgage and survive, so this is one of the things that we really try to zero in on related to these criminal cases, and that is, figuring out what it's going to take to get you the result you must have related to your professional license in California and related to your career.

Reviewing Your Criminal Case

So, we have you come in. We sit down. We talk about the case. We talk about what your concerns are and what your issues are related to your professional license, and then we talk about what's realistic related to the criminal case that you're charged with.

If you have committed a crime that relates to your professional license — in other words, something as part of your job and you're committing a crime, obviously that makes it much more difficult to save your professional license because you're going something that relates to that license.

If you're doing something that does not relate to your professional license in any way, obviously we have a stronger more powerful argument to be able to save that license.

So, it really just depends on the circumstances of your case and what you're accused of. Sometimes you're accused of something and you weren't doing what you were accused of and they've got it wrong.

You may have been doing something wrong, but you weren't doing specifically what they're claiming you did. And in that circumstance, obviously, we're going to want to show the prosecutors that with good evidence, common sense — and that's where I come in to talk to them about it to try to get you that result that you must have.

Developing a Strategy for Best Outcome

So, pick up the phone today. Make the phone call. You'll set the meeting with me, Ron Hedding. We'll talk about your criminal case. We'll talk about your professional license and we'll get the strategy together for a successful outcome to your matter.

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