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Pre-Filing Intervention in Pomona Criminal Cases

Pre-Filing and Presenting Mitigating Evidence If you Have a Criminal Case in Pomona, California

I've handled Pomona cases for many years now and I do a lot of pre-filing representation and what we do in a pre-filing situation in Pomona courthouse, we're going to use a combination of letters and phone calls trying to get a hold of the filing deputy who's going to be reviewing your case to make sure that the police have done their job and that there's enough evidence to find you guilty of whatever it is they arrested you for.

Remember, it's the prosecutor's — the District Attorney's office — in Pomona that decides what, if any, charges are filed against you, not the police.  All they can do is arrest you, book you, interview witnesses, try to talk to you and then present the case to the prosecutors in Pomona.

What I do is, I'll get a hold of those prosecutors through letters and phone calls, and what I'm going to try to do if it makes sense in your case at the pre-filing level in Pomona, is to present your side of the story.

Let's get some mitigating evidence in there.  Maybe the police did not do a thorough investigation, especially that law enforcement agency in the Pomona area.  Very conservative.  Very tough.  Not really looking to do justice.

More looking to make arrests and you probably saw that when you or your loved one was arrested — how they treated you, what they said to you and really a kind of rush to judgment.

Avoid Filing or Formal Criminal Charges

So, you want to make sure you get a criminal defense attorney that can fight back for you, especially at the pre-filing level.  If it's a close case, a lot of times we can avoid a filing if they don't have the evidence.

Pre-Filing Intervention in Pomona Criminal Cases

If they've missed some evidence and we can get it to the prosecutors, send them a letter, lay out some things on your behalf that show the other side of the equation.

Also, even if a case is going to be filed, at the pre-filing level a lot of times we can get mitigation in front of the prosecutors so they can see you for who you are.

To show  your job, your family, character letters and maybe even give your side of the story regarding what happened in the criminal case to try to get lesser charges filed against you.

So, there's all sorts of things that can be done.  Obviously, I need to see the case.  I need to talk to you face to face and then we'll get our strategy together moving forward.  If you have a criminal case in Pomona, I'm going to be ready to deal with the prosecutors there.

Developing The Right Strategy For Your Criminal Case

I'll be ready to cross-examine the police.  I've dealt with the judges there.  I've done jury trials in that jurisdiction so I know exactly all of the pieces of the puzzle that need to be looked at and I usually know once you and I sit down and get a game plan together.  I see what the evidence is and what the right strategy is for your particular case.

You can't use the same strategy in every Pomona criminal case.  You've got to tailor the strategy for the situation that your client finds himself in.  You have to look at their criminal record.  You have to look at what happened in the case.

Look to see whether there were any victims in the criminal case, whether anybody lost any money, whether anybody was hurt, whether the judge and the prosecutor are going to consider you a danger to the community.

These are some of the considerations we look at and then we start to take offensive steps on your part to try to turn the tide in your favor. This could be either to mount a successful defense so you can be found not-guilty in a jury trial or if the government does have the evidence against you, then we're going to do damage control.

Then we try to mitigate your case — do everything we can to protect your record, your rights, your freedom and everything that you hold dear.  With your reputation on the line and your liberty on the line, you're going to want an attorney like me who's done this for 26 years and had a lot of success.

Pick up the phone now.  Make the call.  We can make some moves at the pre-filing stage to either mitigate your case or try to get it dismissed.

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