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Keeping Emotions Out of Solving Criminal Defense Problems

Learn How to Keep Emotions Out Of Solving California Criminal Defense Problems

I can't tell you how many times I've seen clients act from emotions when deciding how to deal with their particular case.

Whether the case is a good case or a bad case against you, you've got to act with a mind that is even-keel and your decisions need to be based on the facts of the case and the advice of your attorney versus your own emotional reaction to whatever is going on.

Plea Bargain vs Going to Trial

A lot of people ask me, what do you think?  Should I take the case to trial?  I give the same answer every time.  If you did something wrong and there's evidence against you, we should probably try to work out a deal.

Keeping Emotions Out of Solving California Criminal Defense Problems

If on the other hand, you're innocent and you didn't do anything wrong, then we should take the case to trial.  That's the same thing I say and I think it's a pretty basic policy, but sometimes people will get emotional.  They'll get angry.  They'll get scared.

Whatever the case may be and then they'll start making foolish decisions based on emotion.  The way that I evaluate cases is from a neutral standpoint.

I'm going to look at the prosecution's evidence.  I'm going to look at the defense evidence.  I'm going to talk to you.  I'm going to talk to the prosecutor.

I may even talk to the judge, and then I'm going to use my 30 years of experience to help you decide what the best course of action is.

Common Sense Dictated by Evidence

But we're not going to act from emotion.  We're going to act from common sense that is dictated by the situation that we find ourselves in.

Once we break everything down, step-by-step, we ask ourselves:

  • what is the best possible resolution we can get in this case?
  • What are some of the things that we must have?
  • What are some of the things that we can't have?

Then you and I will come up with a game plan of exactly what we need to do to get you the result that you must have, and I will be the one to execute the plan.  I will approach the prosecutor.

I will approach their boss.  Sometimes I'll have to approach the judge, and then finally, a lot of times I might have to approach a jury and get that not guilty verdict.

Factors that Determine Defense Strategy

So, in order to resolve your case, there are are wide-range of issues that have to be considered first. Every case is unique and will will require a different approach. Thus, the factors we must consider include:

Factors that Determine Criminal Defense Strategy
  • it depends on the facts of the case;
  • it depends on what evidence they have against you;
  • it depends on your criminal record;
  • it depends on your job, your family and all of the things that are important to you.

You and I will sit down.  We will design a game plan for your case and we will decide what we must have and what we can't have.

Then, I will set up a meeting with the prosecutor assigned to your case, and typically the boss of the prosecutor assigned to your case.

I will first send a mitigation package to them laying out all the good things about you. Any character letters that are applicable, and pointing out any weaknesses or problems with their case, which are all things they will consider in trying to decide what the best possible result is from their point of view.

Seeking Best Possible Outcome

Once we have all of that information in their hands, I will sit down with them and I will try to get you what the fair resolution is, and obviously, try to attain the goals that we decided when we sat down and talked about the case.

So, don't act from emotion, rather act from knowledge and act from your attorney's advice.  Pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.

Let me put my 30 years of diverse experience to work for you — having worked for the district attorney's office, having worked for a superior court judge and having been a criminal defense attorney since 1994.

Let me put my skills to work for you.  Let me help you decide your game plan and then let me execute your plan so you can get the best possible result for your Los Angeles criminal case. Hedding Law Firm is a top-ranked criminal defense law firm located in Los Angeles County at 16000 Ventura Blvd #1208 Encino, CA 91436.