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If I Am Guilty Of A Crime In Los Angeles, Should I Just Use The Public Defender?

Just because someone is guilty of an offense, doesn't necessarily mean that everybody gets the same punishment. So, just giving up on your case is not the right answer. The Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office has a lot of very good attorneys, so there's nothing wrong with that. But this attitude of, well I'm guilty so I'm just going to go ahead, I don't really see what anybody can do for me — is really not understanding how the criminal process works.

Retain Private Lawyer for Best Possible Outcome

Somebody could be guilty of a crime, but that person could go to prison for five years. Obviously, nobody wants to go to prison for five years, but the same person could get a good criminal defense attorney who knows what they're doing and end up with a probationary sentence, where they end up with either a very short amount of time in custody or no time in custody at all.

The point is, not all criminal cases are created equal. Not all sentences are the same. There's a whole bunch of different factors that goes into what happens in a criminal case and not everybody is going to be treated the same in every single circumstance.

So, if you have a criminal case, whether you're guilty or not, get the best criminal defense attorney you can find. Arm them with all the best information related to your case and then let them help you.

Another important thing that I see happening is that somebody may be guilty of a case, but that same person might have some mitigating circumstances.

That same person might have a different version of events than what the police are portraying in the police report. Maybe the victim is very angry at a particular person and has said a bunch of bad things about them that aren't necessarily all true.

Experienced Lawyer To Possibly Avoid a Conviction

So, there's a lot of different things going on in a criminal case. There's a lot at stake; not just innocent or guilty, but what charge you plead to, what your sentence is going to be; whether you go into custody or stay out of custody.

There's a whole slew of different things related to these criminal cases and it's crucial that you have the best defense, that you cooperate with your attorney, and obviously, you want to set things up so that you can get out of the criminal justice system as quick as possible.

You can do damage control related to your criminal case and you can get your case dismissed as fast as possible.

Most criminal cases can be dismissed after a certain period of time. The question is, how long must go by before the case can be dismissed. What things or conditions have to be met by a person who is charged with a crime or convicted of a crime? And what is the process by which the person can actually get their matter dismissed on a criminal case in Los Angeles?

So, these are all questions that can be answered by a criminal defense attorney. These are all things that can be accomplished through hard work, preparation, knowing what to do in your case, and making the right moves after the criminal conviction to get out of the system as fast as possible.

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