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Can I Be Released On Bond Before Sentencing In A Federal Case?

Most times, bail or bond is set at the time that the person appears in front of the magistrate at the beginning of the case. The only time that can change is if the person violates some condition of their pre-trial release. If the person is found guilty in a jury trial, the judge will determine if the person is now a flight risk because they are facing federal prison time and may raise the bond or just detain the person, pending sentencing.

As the federal law currently sits today, it is illegal to possess, move, or sell any type of marijuana. In a state, like California, that have legalized marijuana, the federal government can still come in at any time and arrest everybody, take all their marijuana, and prosecute them federally.

If I Bond Out In State Court, Will The Federal Court Set The Same Bond?

You are typically only going to be prosecuted either by the state or the federal government. If the state arrests you and you post a bond, you get out. While the state case is pending, the federal government may decide to prosecute you for the exact same facts that the state did. They will arrest you, bring you into court, and set a new bail because the state case is now irrelevant. However, once the state realizes you are being prosecuted federally for the exact same charges they have, they will dismiss their case.

You will typically be held in the jurisdiction where the case is pending for transportation purposes. Depending on availability, they can move you to a federal facility, but typically in any federal case, they are going to try to hold you somewhere close to where your court case is.

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