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Drug Sales Defense in the Downtown Courthouse

Learn the Best Defense Strategies If You Were Charged with Drug Possession with Intent to Sell Under Health and Safety Code 11351 in Downtown Los Angeles Court

Of the 38 courts in Los Angeles county, downtown LA has the most sales of drugs cases by far.  In fact, there's so many sales of drug cases that they've got a major narcotics unit that only handles major drug cases in downtown Los Angeles.

The prosecutors in that unit are not housed in the downtown court, but their office building is within a mile of the courthouse.

I've handled many major narcotics cases in the downtown LA area, also run of the mill possession for sales cases, sales cases, straight possession cases, there's thousands of drug cases prosecuted in the downtown Los Angeles court every year and it is the main hub court.

So, if you have a case there and need to defend it,  and I mean either defendant by way of a jury trial or try to have me get a dismissal for you or try to negotiate a good resolution for you, then you've come to the right place.

Review of Discovery and Develop a Defense Strategy

Drug Sales Defense in the Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse
In an HS 11351 drug sales case, prosecutors review amount of drugs and whether a weapon was used to determine punishment.

What I have you do in these drug sales cases is come into the office.  We'll go over everything step by step and then I will make the appearance with you in the court.

We will pick up all of the discovery and paperwork that the prosecutors have. Then, continue the case for three to four weeks to give you and I both an opportunity to review the evidence.

Then, we can do any investigation that is necessary, and then make some decisions about how we're gong to proceed moving forward.

In a drug sales case, the prosecutors are going to look at the amount of drugs, whether or not there was any weapon used and what happened in the sales case in determining what they think the punishment should be.

Usually, when it comes to drug sales cases as far as if it's a negotiation case where the prosecutors do have good evidence to show that you were involved in sales of drugs, it's going to be a negotiation between the prosecutor and your criminal defense attorney.

They're going to take into account your:

  • prior criminal record,
  • how many drugs you had,
  • what the drug weight was, and
  • how much money you had in your possession,
  • whether or not you had a gun.

There are also a host of other factors in determining exactly what your punishment is going to be.

How Can I Fight HS 11351 Drug Sales Case?

How Can I Fight HS 11351 Drug Sales Case?
Our drug crime lawyers can use a wide range of effective defenses to fight your HS 11351 drug sales cases.

One viable defense that I've seen in these sales cases is to be able to argue either that you were not the person that was involved in the sales, or that whatever drugs you may have been caught with, were possessed for your own personal use.

Obviously, the type of factors they're going to look at for a straight possession case would be if you have any paraphernalia associated with drug use and they're going to look at the amount of drugs that you had.

Obviously, the smaller the amount, the better argument that you were possessing it for your own personal use.

The factors that will weigh against you as far as drug sales versus possession for your own person use would be if you had a big amount of drugs. If you had a:

  • scale to weigh the drugs,
  • if you had cash,
  • if you had baggies,
  • if you had pays and owes, which is documentation of sales transactions either on paper or on your phone.

That's another big thing they do in these sales cases is, they try to get into the person's phone to be able to corroborate and prove that the person is involved with sales of drugs.

Call the Hedding Law Firm If Charged with Selling Drugs

So, your best strategy, if you're arrested for sales of drugs, is to hire somebody like me.  Pick up the phone.  Call and ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  Set up a face to face meeting.

Contact Hedding Law Firm If Charged with Drug Sales
Call our criminal defense law firm to review the details of your drug sales case.

We'll get a good strategy together based on all the factors related to you and your personal circumstances.

That's what I think is so important.  Instead of just listening to what various people say on the internet or over the phone, you've got to get in and meet with an attorney like me.

One who's been doing it for 26 years, worked for the District Attorney's office, worked for a Superior Court judge and has been a criminal defense attorney since the early 1990s.

That's experience.  That's a complete package of an attorney who is really going to be able to help you and give you the best advice moving forward. So, pick up the phone.

I stand at the ready to help you if you're charged with a sales of drug case in the downtown Los Angeles court, Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, 210 West Temple, and you have to appear in Department 30.