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Will I Have To Register As A Drug Offender If I Am Convicted Of Possession With Intent To Sell?

Anyone convicted of selling or intending to sell drugs, or transporting drugs for the purpose of the sale is going to have to register as a narcotics offender. The difference between possessing for sale and possessing for your own personal use is huge because now, in California, possession of all drugs are misdemeanors. Selling or intending to sell drugs is a felony. If you are convicted, you are looking at prison time and you can't own, use, or possess a weapon. You can't vote anymore. What you need to do is sit down with an attorney and talk to them about whether or not it's a sales or a possession case, because if you can make it a possession case, you are going to be in a much stronger position to avoid a felony conviction.

What Is Prop 36 Under California Law?

Prop 36 is a proposition passed by the voters to give drug users who are addicted to drugs the chance to avoid a criminal record. There are courts set up throughout Los Angeles County. All they handle is drug cases and they help people complete the Prop 36 requirements. It requires live-in residential treatment or an outpatient program, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the particular person's case.

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