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What Happens If I Violate California Proposition 36?

Depending upon the extent of the drug crime violations, the court will typically allow three in the Proposition 36 program. However, a judge may require a more significant program, place harsher terms and conditions on the person, or sentence them to jail for a period of time in order to get them to abide by the rules of the Proposition 36 program. If a person were to commit four violations, then the program would be terminated and they would receive a criminal conviction. Depending on the extent of the violation, an individual could be sentenced to jail or prison time, or charged with a felony.

If all of the Proposition 36 programs are full, then the court may grant someone permission to do the program in another county. The worst thing a person could do in a criminal case would be to ignore it and just hope for the best. If they did, a warrant would be issued for their arrest and they would likely receive jail time and have to pay more money. A person will always be in a much stronger position to deal with the problem effectively when they confront it honestly and listen to their attorney.

Drug Court Diversion In California

In Los Angeles, California drug courts are set up for people who are involved with drugs. Various live-in programs and tools can be utilized in order to help someone who is addicted to drugs and continues to get drug offenses.

Drug courts give those who would otherwise be charged with a serious felony an opportunity to protect their record, receive help with their drug addiction, become educated about the harmful effects of drugs, and learn skills to become productive members of society.

For anyone who has been charged with a drug offense and wants to escape the vicious cycle of drug use while preserving their record and avoiding prison, drug courts could be the answer. However, if someone is not serious about stopping drug use, then drug court probably isn't a good place for them; it will quickly be determined that they are not serious, they will be kicked out of the program, and they will likely face prison time.

Veteran Diversion Programs For Drug Offenders

Most of the drug programs in LA County are funded by the state. While the federal probation department has the tools and resources to help fund someone's recovery from addiction, they would only do so for someone who has been charged with a federal crime. The government is less likely to assist someone if they are charged with possession for sale, even if they are addicted to drugs as well. This is primarily because of the dangerous nature of selling drugs.

There are veteran courts throughout Los Angeles that are designed to help war veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, have problems getting jobs, or are addicted to drugs. These courts have their own set of rules and operate separately from other drug programs. In many cases, war veterans may encounter issues with drugs or commit crimes for reasons associated with their service to our country.

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