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Smuggling Charges and Border Arrests in Drug Cases

This is a big one because a lot of times people who get arrested at the border are carrying large quantities of drugs.  It doesn’t make sense just to carry a little bit of drugs across the border.  Usually, the people who are doing this are the individuals who are carrying large amounts of drugs.

A lot of times the people that are actually shipping the drugs are not the people who are benefiting the most.  They’re not the suppliers.  They’re not the people who are making the most money out of it because those people are smart enough not to risk being arrested and jailed for long periods of time because these smuggling charges at the border are so serious.

Mules to Move Drugs Across Border

They use what are called mules.  People who are being paid $1,500.00 or a small amount of money to move the drugs.  A lot of times these people don’t even know what they’re moving.  They realize they’re drugs but they don’t know what kind of drugs and it’s a sad scenario when they get caught at the border for this type of behavior.Smuggling Charges and Border Arrests in California Drug Cases

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of the federal prosecutors near the border in San Diego have what’s called a fast track.  They have so many drugs moving through that border that they will give people levels off their sentence if they plead quickly so they can move these cases along.

Otherwise, they would be clogged up with too many cases.  A lot of people and society don’t realize that. And the technology that’s now available at the border is crazy.

They’ve got all sorts of x-ray devices that they can put a car through and they can see hidden compartments in cars and they can see millions of dollar worth of drugs moving through the border and they seize millions of dollars.

Federal Drug Charges

So, drug possession and arrests at the border are very serious and are taken very seriously by the government and a lot of times when you get arrested for these crimes you’re looking at federal charges which carry ten year mandatory minimums; twenty year mandatory minimums depending if you have a prior conviction related to a drug sales case

Even at the state level you get a new federal case you could be looking at twenty years in custody.  If you’ve got guns involved, you could be looking at even more time in custody.

So, if someone’s going to take the risk to go through the border with drugs — and if you have a lot of drugs you really put yourself in a bad position.  There are things that could be done to help you, especially if you’re a first-time offender.

You don’t have any criminal record or you just have a normal job or you were just trying to make some extra money which are a lot of people that are going through the border with drugs because they realize that these people are good people and they just got themselves tangled up into drugs to just make money and the people who are making the biggest money are not these people, but they’re using these people who are in tough financial situations, have small children, have no money coming in and they’re desperate.

So, prosecutors and judges realize this and there’s things that can be done to avoid being put in a position where you get ten years in federal prison.

Your first step is to hire a lawyer who’s been down this road before, who’s had success and knows how to get the job done in these drug cases where large sums of drugs are moving through our borders.

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