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Prescription Drug Abuse Offense In Los Angeles

When it comes to prescription medications, a lot of times doctors are prescribing prescription drugs to people who they should know under the circumstances, shouldn't be getting any prescription drugs. Sometimes they should have like a cross-check system to see if they're getting the same prescription drugs and abusing those drugs from other doctors.

A lot of times, people will go into different locations and pick up multiple prescriptions and even doctors will not examine individuals and still give them prescription medications. This is when people abuse a prescription medication and really do themselves a disservice – not only physically but mentally.

If the courts find out about it, they will arrest and charge the person with some serious drug crimes. They never like anybody messing around with prescriptions medications because the problem with that is that these medications are controlled by the FDA and they don't want people to manipulate them. So, they take this very seriously. It's a very sacred thing to get a prescription medication, obviously follow the prescription properly.

Effective Defense Strategies

So, if you're charged with either being a doctor who is unlawfully administering prescription medications – not properly treating patients, not properly cross-checking whether or not this patient has received other prescription medications from other doctors, not examining a particular patient – you can give me a call.

I've done a lot of these cases. I have a lot of good strategies related to prescription medication cases in Los Angeles. I've been handling them for twenty-five years and I know all of the ins and outs related to them.

Also, if you're a patient who is being charged with abusing prescription medication and you have a criminal case pending and you're potentially looking at putting a blemish on your record and you want to try to avoid that, give me a call. I've got a lot of good strategies. We get character letters together. We do damage control.

Another thing that I think is important for prosecutors and judges when it comes to these prescription medication abuse cases in Los Angeles is to show why the particular individual is abusing prescription meds. A lot of times the prosecutors and even the judges realize the reason people do this type of stuff and they are understanding about it as long as there's a justifiable reason.

If on the flip side, someone's taking the prescription medication and selling it to other people that starts to become a very dangerous situation. Somebody could get the wrong prescription, overdose, and obviously the government has a big interest in controlling where these prescription medications are going.

First off, they get a piece of the action with taxes and money that's paid. They also have a regulatory agency to make sure people aren't abusing prescription meds and make sure that they're not being improperly dispensed by doctors or taken by people in multiple locations. This is a common thing.

Call our Law Firm for Help

So, if you have a prescription medication case in any type of form in one of the Los Angeles courthouses and you're being charged criminally, I'd have you come in. We'll sit down.

Give me all the details obviously, and try to give me an accurate account of what's going on and then we'll get a game plan together as to exactly how we're going to attack the case with the aim in mind of keeping you out of jail or prison, making sure that if you are a professional you're still able to do your job, and finally, trying to keep your record clean so that in the future, you're able to have a successful life, raise your family, have a career and keep your reputation intact.

One phone call and we'll get this thing moving in the right direction. For more information on Prescription Drug Abuse Offense, a free initial consultation is your best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (213) 542-0979 today.