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Forging or Altering a Prescription

Forging or Altering a Prescription for Narcotics – California Health & Safety Code 11368

As you might guess because narcotics and the dispensing of them is controlled by the government, anyone who forges a prescription really runs the risk of getting a serious offense against them.  If that person happens to be a medical doctor or anybody in the medical field they would also run the risk of losing their license, being brought up on administrative charges aside from also being charged with a crime.

Prosecutors and judges are very serious when it comes to punishing medical professionals who are dispensing drugs that should not be dispensed or even forging any type of documentation.  But, usually where we’re seeing the forging is when someone, for example, steals a medical pad from an office and then uses that pad to write prescriptions for themselves or other people, or even try to get prescription medication and selling it.

Stealing and Forging Prescription Pads

Also, they will take other prescription medication pads that they have gotten where the doctor has issued them a prescription.  They will forge that in order to try to get more controlled narcotics — either because they’re addicted or because they’re getting the drugs so they can sell them. Forging or Altering a Prescription - Health & Safety Code 11368

This is definitely a common thing that addicts do — they will forge prescriptions and attempt to get certain medication like Vicodin, which is highly addictive, Hydrocodone, OxyContin, other types of controlled substances.

The authorities really have tried to put measures in place to stop people from being able to forge medical prescriptions but because of the nature of how they’re written and the amount of doctors there are and the amount of people who are trying to seek prescriptions.  I still have not seen an effective way to prevent this.

Doctor Shopping and Prescription Fraud

Also, hoping from doctor to doctor either with a forged prescription or even with a legitimate prescription is something that happens a lot because people are addicted to drugs and the doctors will only give them so much, only give them so many refills and because they’re addicted, they need to get more so they will go from doctor to doctor – commonly known as doctor shopping prescription fraud.

There should be some sort of an effective system in a computer similar to the control of guns where they can control prescription medication, but I haven’t seen it yet and unfortunately, prescription fraud, hopping from doctor to doctor are common crimes that are committed all of the time by individuals who are addicted to drugs by medical professionals who are associated with medical offices and even by physicians who need money and turn to illegal means to gain that money.

So, if you’ve got one of these prescription fraud cases pursuant to Health & Safety Code Section 11368, pick up the phone and call me.  We’ll sit down and talk about it.  One good thing is, I think a lot of the possession Propositions and new laws the legislature have passed have been helpful also in the prescription fraud area in trying to help those people who are addicted to drugs instead of throwing them in jail or prison.

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