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Plea Diversion Programs For California Drug Cases

For many years now, Los Angeles County has been testing different types of California diversion programs for people who have received drug charges. In part, this has been in response to public outcry and the opinions expressed by the governor of California which oppose the idea that people who struggle with drug addiction should be put in prison. Non-violent people who are addicted to one substance or another should not be placed in prison, especially considering the fact that California prisons are already overcrowded. Especially for people charged with simple drug possession.

Proposition 36

In addition to many other authorities in California, the governor has tried to implement a number of programs, such as Proposition 36. Proposition 36 is a program that was designed to test a person's eligibility and suitability for a

drug program based upon their level of addiction. Every program that has been developed aims to address the root of the problems faced by those who struggle with addiction, rather than simply housing them in jail or prison. If someone can successfully complete a diversionary program, then they will have not only avoided a criminal conviction but received help for the underlying problem that led to the drug use in the first place.

Pre-Plea Diversion For Marijuana Charges

There are pre-plea diversionary programs in LA County that can be utilized by people who have received simple possession of marijuana charges resulting from selling or cultivating under a certain volume of marijuana. Oftentimes, attorneys can get infractions for their clients related to marijuana possession cases, and some prosecutors will allow people to attend a number of Narcotics Anonymous meetings in exchange for a dismissal of their case.

Whether or not the prosecutors will be willing to offer a pre-plea diversionary program to a particular individual will depend upon the circumstances of the particular case and the criminal profile of the offender. As an alternative to pre-plea diversion, a case could be dismissed upon successful completion of a drug program. In some cases, a person would be allowed to plead to the case and complete certain terms and conditions of probation in order to have the case dismissed. These options would only be offered to those who were using drugs as opposed to selling them, and who do not have a bad track record of committing crimes that affect society.

Post-Plea DEJ Diversion Program In California?

The post-plea deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) program in California is linked to Penal Code Section 1000 and allows a person to plead guilty to a drug offense (usually possession of narcotics) and complete an 18-month program or probationary period designed to provide tools for avoiding the use of illegal drugs. The program is also designed to educate offenders about the negative consequences of having a drug conviction on record. If the program is successfully completed, then the court will allow the individual to rescind their guilty plea and will dismiss the case.

The deferred entry of judgment program is just one of several drug programs offered in LA County and is designed primarily for casual drug users. The program is not as intensive as the Proposition 36 program or inpatient programs but can be tailored to an individual's needs and circumstances.

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