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Drive-By Shooting Defense in Downtown Courthouse

Learn the Best Defenses Against Drive-By Shooting Charges Under California Penal Code 26100 in the Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse.

There are a lot of drive-by shootings in Los Angeles county and most of them are prosecuted in the downtown Los Angeles courthouse at 210 West Temple. This court is called the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

The defendant will typically start in Department 30 which is the felony arraignment court, and then from there he will be sent to one of the preliminary hearing courts to see if the government has enough evidence to prove he was involved in the drive-by shooting.

Believe it or not in these drive-by shooting cases in downtown Los Angeles, they don't' just go after the shooter.  A lot of times they'll get a whole load of people and charge them all with a drive-by shooting.

You think to yourself, how could they possibly do that?  But, if you or a loved one has been caught in the net, you can see that they've done it and you're going to need somebody to defend it.

Gang Related Drive-By Shooting

Drive-By Shooting Defense in Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse
PC 26100 drive-by shooting will be charged against anyone involved in the gang, including the driver and the lookout.

The bottom line is, they're usually doing it with gangs.  So, when a group of gang members get together and decide to go out and do a shooting, either of an innocent person, a fellow gang rival — or whatever the case may be.

If they can prove that the group is part of a gang and they're out committing drive-by shootings, the driver, any shooter, the lookout, anybody else involved — they're going to try to capture them up in the net and try to convict them of a drive-by shooting, and it's not just the drive-by shooting.

It's the gang affiliation and all the things that go along with it can cause 10, 20, 30 years in prison.

Obviously, the authorities — the judges, prosecutors, legislature in LA, California, throughout the United States — don't want people involved in shootings because that's how people are killed.

Not just the people being shot at, but the people who are innocent out on the streets, especially in a metropolis like Los Angeles, shootings can cause deaths.

So, the authorities, prosecutors, judges are very harsh when it comes to drive-by shootings and they tend to try to through out a broad net to capture whatever the can, especially if it's a gang shooting.  They're looking to take gang members out.

Penalties for Gang Related Related Crimes

Penalties for California Gang Related Related Crimes
When you are charged with a drive-by shooting, gang and weapons allegations, you could be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

I've been a criminal defense attorney for 26 years.  I've worked for the DA's office and a Superior Court judge back in the 1990s. I  can tell you, being a defense attorney as long as I have, seeing what I've seen, fought the cases that I've fought, make no mistake.

If  you or a loved one has any affiliation with a gang and you're being looked at for a crime, the authorities will double or triple the sentence on gang members because they feel they're the most dangerous element in LA county and they've got to be dealt with, and they've done that through charges.

With these drive-by shootings, they charge gang allegations.  They charge weapons allegations, so it's not just the drive-by shooting.  They're going to charge attempted murder which carries 15 to life.

They're going to charge a gang allegation which carries an additional 10 years.  If somebody gets hit with a bullet, the shooter is going to be looking at an additional 25 years for firing a weapon and hitting somebody.

The list goes on and on.  They've got so many laws on the books now to protect against gang members shooting other people, that they pretty much can have their way if they've got the evidence and obviously, if you don't have a good defense attorney on your side.

Call the Hedding Law Firm If Charged with a Drive-By Shooting

So, if you or a loved one is charged with a drive-by shooting, gang-related or otherwise, pick up the phone.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  I'll meet with you face to face if you're serious about hiring an attorney.  I'll give you the ins and outs about how things work.

I'll take the facts of your case, talk a little bit about what I can do to defend the case.  We'll get a game plan together and we'll move ahead in a positive direction.

Pick up the phone.  As for me, Ron Hedding and I'll do everything I can to assist.

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