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How A Stalking Charge Can Be Effectively Dealt With In Los Angeles County

The crime of stalking is treated very seriously by prosecutors and judges alike. Because it is such a personal violation to an individual and is so difficult to combat, law enforcement and the District Attorney's office has come up with special teams to investigate and prosecute these cases. If you have a stalking charge pending in Los Angeles County, it is imperative that you get in front of a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with defending these type of cases.

Stalking Charge

Many times, I see the stories that are given to law enforcement are not completely accurate. People tend to exaggerate and embellish their side of the story without giving all the details related to the situation. It's up to me as your criminal defense attorney to make sure that your version of events is gotten across to the prosecutors and judge, so you are treated fairly in the criminal court system.

Having practiced in this area for 25 years, I have handled many cases involving stalking in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. The first thing I do is get the client into the office and we go over all the details related to the alleged crime. Once everything is laid out and the client is honest and open with me, I am typically able to come up with a solution and a game plan on how to effectively deal in the court system with this type of case. Many times, people are facing prison time with a stalking charge because of the serious violative nature of these type of crimes.