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Criminal Protective Orders

A criminal protective order is close to being a permanent restraining order and is available to domestic violence victims. When issued, it may last up to 5 years and upon expiration may be re-issued for another 5 years and another 5 years and so forth.

When a criminal protective order is issued, the judge is basically forbidding a person, an intimate partner, from contacting, stalking, harassing, threatening, abusing, attacking, assaulting, telephoning his or her partner or any other person specified in the protective order.

The Process of Obtaining a Protective Order

Criminal Protective OrdersThe first thing that must be filed by the victim of abuse is a temporary restraining order. The order is usually granted the same day and if the victim files ex parte then the other person does not have to be present. The next step is for the other person to get served and then takes place the “order to show cause” hearing 21 days later. During this hearing, both parties are heard and depending on the testimonies and evidence presented, the judge then decide whether a criminal protective order should be issued. You need to understand the difference between a protective order and restraining order in domestic violence cases.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

in this type of situation, hiring a defense attorney is a smart move. As your advocate, we will make sure the judge hears your side of the story and strategize an effective defense on your behalf. Get in touch with the firm and we will set up a free meeting and discuss the process and your defense further in detail.

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