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The crime of child endangerment is governed by California Penal code section 273(a) which states that the crime may be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony. Prosecutor has sole discretion on whether the crime will be charged as a felony or not. If the actions that led to the charge of child endangerment put the child at great risk of injury then the crime will likely be charged as a felony.

To be charged with this crime the child does not have to be necessarily be injured. The penal code states that a person may be found guilty of child endangerment if he or she caused or allowed a child to be in a dangerous situation for example, leaving a child in a hot car unattended for several hours.

How Our Child Endangerment Lawyers Can Help

The definition is very broad and that is why if you are facing such allegations, it is very important that you contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to help you through the process, starting from the investigation. A conviction of child endangerment carries serious penalties and we, as your advocate, want to intervene from the very beginning to do anything and everything we can to minimize the charges or if possible, get the charges completely dismissed.

Get in touch with the Hedding Law firm and we will do whatever we can to put this situation behind you. We offer free face to face consultation.

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