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Child Abuse

Are you being charged with child abuse? Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys understand the stress, the fear, and the dread you may be feeling. We can and we will help.

Being charged with abuse of a child is a serious and difficult problem that requires the assistance of an experienced, aggressive, and skilled criminal defense lawyer.

When a child abuse charge goes to trial, the jury often favors the child and that is why retaining our services as your criminal defense attorney is essential to your case.

In a child abuse case, it is important to act quickly and intervene at the early stages of the process.

California Penal Code section 273d pc punishes corporal injury or punishment on a child. This crime is a wobbler meaning that depending on the circumstances and your criminal history, the crime may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Child abuse is specifically defined as the intentional infliction of a cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or any condition resulting in a traumatic condition (a visible or internal injury).

Spanking is often excluded from child abuse laws, due to the right parents have to reasonably discipline their children as they see fit. As matter of fact, spanking may be used as a defense to a child abuse charge depending on the circumstances.

If prosecuted as a misdemeanor, the maximum sentence is one-year in a county jail and a $6,000 fine. If prosecuted as a felony, it carries a California State Prison sentence of two, four, or six years and the same maximum fine. Our duty as your defense lawyer is to do everything we can to avoid these penalties.

We will assert any and all defenses applicable on your behalf. We will aggressively fight on your behalf. We will do everything we can to get the best results on your behalf.

If you are facing child abuse charges, do not waste any time and contact our Los Angeles child abuse lawyers for a free case evaluation.

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