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DMV Fraud In California

The DMV in Los Angeles is one of the biggest in the world, and there are all sorts of fraudulent activities going on there. For example, people will get into the DMV and get fake driver's licenses. They will fill out documents for a driver's license, which of course are all filled out under penalty of perjury and lie on the documents. This is a crime. It can be charged as perjury.

There are all sorts of fraud charges that can be filed a person who messes around with the DMV. The DMV controls a lot of different things. It has access to a lot of different identifications that people can use to conduct business and become involved in crime. Wrongfully obtaining DMV documentation is covered under California Penal Code 529.7.

DMV Fraud-Related Offenses in California

So, it's key that if you're charged with a DMV-related crime that you hire the best criminal defense attorney you can find because, in most of these DMV fraud-related offenses, a person is looking at jail, prison, a straight felony, perjury charges and the prosecutors and judges obviously take it seriously when people are fooling around with the fabric of our society by going to the DMV and getting fake licenses.

It's one thing to get a fake identification or fake documents at the DMV because, in order to work, you need them to do something awful. That's becoming more and more unlikely that someone will be able to justify that because now even people who aren't here legally can get driver's licenses if they follow the right procedures.

Where they have some real problems with fraudulent DMV activity in Los Angeles is when the person is doing it so they can then use that identification to commit some other more serious sophisticated crime where there are losses of money and people lose their identity. Identity fraud is rampant and DMV fraud goes hand-in-hand with that type of offense.

So, if you're charged with a DMV fraud-related case and you feel you're being treated too harshly or your bail was very high, understand that they take these cases seriously because when people are getting false identifications, they're typically doing it to commit some other more serious crimes.

So, if that's not your scenario, that's not your loved one's case, then obviously you're going to need to get a criminal defense attorney who can fight and who can get your version of events across.

Sometimes the DMV has it all wrong and they have the wrong person or the wrong idea of what the person is actually doing. Again, your criminal defense attorney is going to be the one who's going to make that argument and show your version of events and get that not guilty verdict if that's what is necessary.

The DMV has its own investigating officers there, so they will investigate the case themselves and take it to the prosecutors or they will become involved with arresting somebody or investigating a case of DMV fraud, and then they'll pass it off to the police or detectives who have jurisdiction over a particular area and then they will assist in the investigation and prosecution of a DMV fraud case.

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I've actually seen the DMV arrest people right at the Los Angeles DMV offices if they're committing a crime on the spot and the DMV finds out about it.

In this case, they will arrest the person there. They will call in local law enforcement – whether it be LAPD or the sheriffs in Los Angeles County and they will assist them in putting together the paperwork for the DMV fraud case and making sure that everything is covered as far as the prosecution of a particular case in Los Angeles County as it relates to the DMV offices and their paperwork and their processes.

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