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Defenses for Selling Fentanyl

Learn the Best Defenses Against Fentanyl Possession with Intent to Sell Charges Under California Health and Safety Code 11351.

Fentanyl is a very powerful opioid and it is synthetic and extremely dangerous.  That's why both state and federal prosecutors are prosecuting Fentanyl, possession for sales and sales cases at a record number.

One big danger with Fentanyl is, because it is 50 to 100 times more powerful than Oxycodone and also deadly.  Prosecutors are very serious about prosecuting these cases.

One of the big things they're trying to do is find the suppliers of Fentanyl to be able to cut off this drug.  Even drug dealers realize how dangerous Fentanyl is and a lot of them are trying to test the Oxy that they're getting from suppliers before they sell it.

The reason for this is to make sure it is not laced with Fentanyl because of the high overdose rate as it relates to Fentanyl.

Reviewing the Facts of the Possession for Sales Case

Defense for Selling Fentanyl - California Health and Safety Code 11351
In order to defend your sales of Fentanyl or possession for sales, we have to first review several surrounding facts.

The reason this overdose rate seems to be occurring is because you really don't need that much of the drug (1) in order to get high; and (2) in order to potentially kill yourself when you take too much of it.

It's not that difficult to take too much Fentanyl.  So, when we talk about defending a case where someone's charged with sales of Fentanyl or possession for sales, we've got to look at the surrounding facts:

  • How much drugs were involved?
  • Was it pure Fentanyl?
  • Was it a much smaller percentage of Fentanyl?
  • Did the person know that they were actually selling Fentanyl.
  • Does the person have a criminal record?

These are all considerations.

Developing a Defense Strategy to Fight the Drug Sales Charges

What I have you do if it's either you or your loved one that is charged with one of these sales or possession for sales cases is, I have you come in the office.

We will over all the facts and details of the case with me, and then we start to develop a plan on exactly how we're going to defend the case, based on what we're confronted with.

Is it a case where we're going to take it to jury trial and fight the case?  Or, is it a case where we're going to have to negotiate because they have good evidence that you are involved with selling Fentanyl.

Once we make that determination, then we've got to look at you as a person.  Maybe we're going to put together what's called a mitigation package, where we submit mitigating information to the prosecutors.

This package would include anything about your job, your family, character letters related to you and what type of person you are.  There's a whole host of things that go into a mitigation package.

Contact a Los Angeles Drug Crime Lawyer

Hopefully, nobody died from the sale of any Fentanyl related to you and we can chalk it up as an aberration and try to get some sort of resolution that will take into account your future and protect your job, your liberty and your reputation.

So, if either you or a loved on is charged with possession for sales of Fentanyl and you need help, pick up the phone, ask to set up a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you.

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