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Defense of Gun Cases in the Pomona Courthouse

Pomona courthouse gets a lot of weapon cases because of the area.  There's a lot of gang violence and a lot of shootings. Therefore, the police and prosecutors are up in arms as far as prosecuting those individuals who are purportedly involved in gun violence.

If you or a loved one is charged with a gun case in the Pomona courthouse,  you will need to find a criminal lawyer who can fight for you. Whether it be a:

Sometimes law enforcement and the prosecutors don't have it right.  They're charging your loved one with a very serious crime.  They're trying to get a life sentence.  The only thing standing between you and that life sentence is your attorney.

Reviewing Evidence to Determine Best Strategy

You've got to get a criminal defense lawyers that can evaluate the case for what it's worth to see whether or not it's really a case that the person deserves to go to prison for life.

Defense of Gun Cases in the Pomona Courthouse

Also, is there a defense in the case?  If there is a defense in the case, then we have to investigate it.

These gun cases in the Pomona court bring out the worst sometimes in the prosecutors where they're just looking to put the person away for as long as they possibly can and they're talking about indeterminant sentences.

Meaning, they're talking about sentences where the person doesn't know when they're ever going to get out again.  Obviously, who wants to take that type of a sentence?

Weapons and Gang Sentencing Enhancements

But when someone is charged with attempted murder, for example, when they used a weapon. When they allegedly fired the weapon, when they're allegedly a gang member — you're talking about all kinds of enhancements that apply:

  • Attempted murder is 15 to life;
  • Murder is 25 to life;
  • If you shoot somebody and hit them, that's an additional 25 years tacked on the back of whatever your sentence is;
  • If you use a gun in a crime, you can get a 10-year gun enhancement;
  • If you're a gang member and the crime is for the benefit of a street gang and you're using a gun, there's another 10-year enhancement right there.

You start to get the idea that the way the legislature has loaded up these cases, the prosecutors have a lot of power.  They have a lot of negotiating strength because of the fact if the person goes to trial and loses, they're facing a very stiff sentence, usually the rest of their life in prison.

Negotiation vs. Going to Trial

So, once we make the determination whether we're going to fight the case or negotiate the case, that will dictate what our next move is in the Pomona courthouse.

If we're going to negotiate, then obviously, I as your defense attorney, am going to get together a mitigation package.

Negotiation vs. Going to Trial in Pomona Court Weapon Cases
We need to first decide whether we're going to fight or negotiate the case, which will determine our strategy.

I'm going to sit down with the head prosecutor in Pomona and try to show the other side of the coin, the person that is being charged with the alleged crime.  When we talk about a gun case in Pomona or a violent gun case in Pomona, we must have the best attorney.

I've been practicing criminal defense for 27 years, and even before that, I worked for the District Attorney's office in one of the toughest areas in East Los Angeles.

I also worked for a Superior Court Judge, so I really have a feel for how all sides of the coin look at things and that is what you're going to have to have if:

  • (1) you're going to want to defend a case where a gun is involved; and
  • (2) you're going to want your attorney to negotiate that case.

So, pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding if you're looking to hire the best criminal defense attorney for you or your loved one.  I stand at the ready to help you.

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