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Criminal Defense Attorney in Studio City, CA

For the last 26 years, I've been defending people who have been charged with crimes who either live in Studio City or who happened to be arrested in Studio City for some sort of a crime.  My offense in Encino is right down the street five or ten minutes away from Study City.

My suggestion is if you've got a criminal case, check out my reviews.  Check out my videos.  I have one on just about any topic of criminal defense.  I've handled hundreds of cases for people who have been arrested in Studio City and had a lot of success.

What I'd like to do is sit down with you face-to-face, get to know you, get to know about you and what happened in your criminal case and then we can start the process of resolving your case the right way.

Defense Strategy to Resolve Your Criminal Case

Whether that be resolving it by way of a jury and finding that you're not guilty or convincing the prosecutors to dismiss your case, or if they have the evidence against you, then we're going to go with a different strategy of trying to mitigate the situation do damage control and do everything we can to get you out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Studio City, CA

The crucial thing is to find out your version of events because relying on the police for that is not always a good idea because they tend to do a skewed version of what's going on.

They don't always tell the full side of the story as it relates to you because they're so focused on getting you convicted that they don't realize that there's two sides to a story and it's best for the prosecutors if both sides of the equation are given.

This way we're in the best position to make sure that justice is done in your criminal case. It's my job as your advocate to fight for you, get your position across and do everything I can to give you that peace of mind back that I'm sure you need.

Knowing what's going to happen with your case, knowing what the game plan is, knowing what you can do to help and knowing what I'm going to do moving forward to try to help you.

Negotiation with Prosecutor and Mitigation Package

If it's a case where we need to negotiate, we're going to put together a mitigation package with character letters, your side of the story and all the information we possibly can to make sure that you are treated the right way with respect and in a fair manner.

You've got a future.  I'm sure you have a family, a job and a lot of things that are important to you.  So, it's crucial that your side of the story be told.  It's crucial that your version of events get out there.

We can't just rely on the police to give that one-sided story because it's going to be all laid out against you and that doesn't help everything.

So pickup the phone now.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  Ask to set up a meeting.  I'll meet with you face-to-face.  We'll go over everything in the privacy of my office.

We'll get a game plan together and we'll start to preserve and protect your rights, your reputation, your freedom, your future, your job, your family and all the things that you hold dear.

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