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Best Strategy If You Have a Juvenile Criminal Case in Pomona Court

I've been handling cases at the juvenile level in Pomona now for the past 26 years. If your or your son or daughter has a case in the Pomona juvenile court you want to get an attorney who has experience there and who knows how to deal with the prosecutor and judges in that courthouse.

I've been handling cases there for a long time, and I have pretty specific strategies depending on what type of a case we're talking about and the position that the minor or my client is, in his or her life.

If it is someone who has been arrested and has never had any problems and we're trying to keep a spotless record, obviously, I'm going to handle that one way and look for certain things to try to convince the judge and prosecutor not to put a mark or blemish on that person's record.

Keeping Juvenile's Record Clean

In this way, they can can move forward, get a job and have a future versus sometimes I get clients who do have a criminal record or who are charged with such serious crimes that it's almost impossible if they're guilty of the crime, to avoid a mark on their record.

Then you're talking about possibly setting things up for the future so you can get rid of the juvenile record if the person can successfully complete probation, for example, and also trying to keep the person out of camp for long or short term or try to keep them out of the Department of Juvenile Justice, which is basically the juvenile prison.

Lawyer Familiar with Prosecutors and Judges

So, you really have to know the players involved; first with the District Attorney's office in Pomona criminal court, and then also with the judges, because sometimes you can work out a resolution in a juvenile case with a particular prosecutor and then you take that resolution to the judge and the judge is not willing to go along with it.

The judge has a lot of power when it comes to sentencing a juvenile in Pomona, so you have to make sure you have your argument mounted to be able to deal with the judge.

Best Strategy If You Have a Juvenile Criminal Case in Pomona Court
Learn the best defense strategy if your child has a criminal case in Pomona Juvenile Court

In fact, a lot of times, depending on the circumstances, I might even talk to the judge first with the prosecutor present, obviously, just to make sure that I kind of have an idea of what the judge is thinking about related to my particular client.

Then we can turn and go to the prosecutors and see exactly what the best strategy is with them.

You really have to look at the system that you're in and also look specifically at your client.  The system is designed to do what's in the best interests of a particular minor.

However, they also have to guard against minors who are affecting other people or affecting society.  The court system, the prosecutors and the judges have to make sure, that however they handle the case, that they put the minor in the best chance to succeed.

They also put society in the best chance not to have this person re-offend or victimize another particular person depending on what happened with the case.

Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer in Pomona

So, what I have you do is we sit down and meet — assuming the minor is out of custody — if they're not out of custody I will go see them wherever they are located — we go over all of the facts and details and then we develop a plan on how to successfully maneuver the case through the Pomona Juvenile Court.

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