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Accepting Plea Deal

Accepting Plea Deal in Los Angeles from Another State

I do have a lot of cases where people live in different locations, whether it be in a further part of California than Los Angeles, or whether they live in another state, and they have somehow been charged with a criminal case in Los Angeles.

There are ways to work out cases and have the person still remain in their home state.

Tahl Waiver Form – Misdemeanor Cases

Accepting Plea Deal in Los Angeles from Another State

If charged with a criminal case in Los Angeles and you live in another state, you might not have to appear in court.

One way to do a plea is through Tahl waiver forms.  Basically, what they have you do is, your attorney will go over the waiver forms with you and then the waiver forms will be sent to you.

You'll have to initial the boxes to make sure you understand all of your constitutional rights.  Then you'll sign and date it.

A lot of times there may be a sentencing sheet so you can see exactly what your sentence is going to be in the case.  You'll sign and date that as well.

Then when the attorney appears on your behalf — which we do all the time for clients — the attorney is able to represent to the judge that they sent you the Tahl waiver form.

Also that you went over the waiver form with you, you indicated you read it and understood it, and then the judge will accept that representation.

That allows you to take a plea in a criminal case in Los Angeles from a different state, even a different country, depending on what the circumstances are.

Wavier of Defendant's Presence – PC 977(b) – Felony Cases

Usually, that is only available in a misdemeanor case in Los Angeles.  However, with the Coronavirus, a lot of times now courts are allowing people on felony cases to take what's called a Penal Code Section 977( b) waiver.

This basically means that the person signs a document indicating that their attorney has let them know that they have a right to be present and they're waiving and giving up that right and allowing the attorney to appear for them.

I think what we're going to start to see is even pleas being done in felony cases without the defendant being there. A lot of times I don't like that because sometimes there's confusion about what has to be done.

So, if you do take a plea, especially if I am your attorney, we have to make sure that you understand exactly what you're supposed to do.

That it is spelled out very clearly — so you're in a position where you don't make any mistakes, you don't miss a court date, you don't miss turning in your paperwork.

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At times what we're able to do in these cases where people are taking deals from different locations, states or countries, is we can help take care of the case for them by making appearances for them.

Let's say they have to do certain things.  We will turn their paperwork in for them.  We'll make the court appearances and they can still remain in their home state or whatever location they're in.

So, if you or a loved one has a case in Los Angeles county, but you live in a different jurisdiction and you want somebody to help you either work the case out, pick up the phone and ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  I've been doin this for 26 years.  I'm sure I can help you.

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