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If you are being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony you are entitled to a jury trial as California law requires. The criminal lawyers at the Hedding Law Firm have engaged in numerous jury trials and have seen great results. We fight aggressively and when we engage in jury trials we act as if we were entering a battle field and our main goal is to win!

When you enter a “not guilty” plea, you will have to go through some pretrial proceedings to try and resolve the case, and if the case does not get resolved, then the case proceeds to trial.

The jury consists of 12 members that represent a fair cross section of the community and all 12 must come to a unanimous decision in determining your guilt. As your lawyer, we step in and step up and fight for your freedom and for your legal rights.

A jury trial consists of: jury selection; opening statements by the attorneys; evidence (direct and cross examination of witnesses for prosecution and for defense); closing arguments by the attorneys; jury deliberations; the verdict; and finally the sentencing.

Our top priority as your defense attorney is to make strong opening and closing statements and through the evidence we gather and witnesses we question, build a strong case on your behalf that when the time for jury deliberations comes, there will be doubt as to your guilt.

We do everything we can to prove and to show that the prosecution has not proved its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.
Our attorneys have successfully defended clients in front of juries for crimes such as DUI, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, sex crimes, and a lot more.

If you are facing a pending criminal charge, contact our law firm immediately and set up a free face to face consultation. Whether your case goes to trial or not, we will put in the same amount of effort – that being all our effort to get you the best possible results.

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