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Why Are Some People Held at the Los Angeles Wayside Jail?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Sep 29, 2020

Why are Some People Held at Wayside While they Have a Criminal Case Pending in Los Angeles?

Wayside is one of the jails in Los Angeles county that holds inmates.  It is a huge ranch just to the north of Magic Mountain and it has a number of different facilities on many acres.  It's also known as Pitchess Detention Center.

There is north facility which usually holds inmates who don't cause any trouble.  It's kind of a medium facility.  Then there's NCCF for North County Correctional Facility which holds more of the serious inmates.

In that facility they have both general population and areas where inmates are segregated from other inmates, sometimes because of disciplinary problems; other times because of their status in custody.

So, there's an 800 and a 900 area which is all the way in the back of the North County Correctional Facility. There's also south facility.

Overflow From Main Los Angeles County Jail

Why Are Some People Held at the Los Angeles Wayside Jail?
North County Correctional Facility – 29340 The Old Rd, Castaic, CA 91384, Phone: (661) 295-7810

North County Correctional Facility – 29340 The Old Rd, Castaic, CA 91384, Phone: (661) 295-7810

Those are pretty much the main facilities at Wayside.  It's a huge ranch and a lot of inmates are held there.  The main reason they're held there is because Los Angeles county has a lot of action going on.

They only have so much room in the county jail on Bauchet Street and in the twin towers.

So, that's why they've got to have that overflow facility. Nobody can really say for sure why inmates are housed in certain areas — whether it be county jail, Wayside or twin towers.

Another thing that is unclear as to why the sheriffs continue to transfer people back and forth between county jail, Wayside and twin towers.

I think a lot of it has to do with their funding as they're moving inmates around somehow.

I believe they're able to work their books so they can get additional funds.  Because a lot of times, it really doesn't make any sense why they're moving inmates between county jail and Wayside.

But all three of the facilities — Wayside, twin towers, county jail — are all about the same as far as how they hold the inmates and their ability to hold the inmates, although there has been some escapes from Wayside, where I've never heard of any escapes from county jail or twin towers.

Wayside is much bigger with much more land and there's more of an opportunity to potentially leave the facility.

Obviously, it's never a good idea to escape from Wayside or any county facility because an escape is a serious felony as well and it can get you thrown in prison once you're caught and just add additional time on your sentence.

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So, if you or a loved one is housed in Wayside and you have a criminal case pending in Los Angeles county, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  I stand at the ready to help you.

Contact the Hedding Law Firm
Contact us to review the details of your criminal case.

Contact us to review the details of your criminal case.

I've handled thousands of cases in the county system.  I've been to all of the facilities in Wayside, know the protocol there very well, know about the lockdowns that can occur at Wayside.

I  know how to visit people at Wayside, and obviously, know how to get a successful result in a criminal case that's being heard in Los Angeles county.

Pick up the phone.  Make the call,  I stand a the ready to help you.

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