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Trial By Declaration

Trial By Declaration

If you have received a traffic violation, you do not have to settle for it. Our traffic ticket defense attorneys can and will fight it for you!

One way to fight a ticket is to request a trial by written declaration.

Vehicle code section 40902 allows you to contest a traffic citation through writing, without making a court appearance.

We will write your trial by declaration for you. We know what to say and how to say it. We will write out all the relevant arguments and any applicable defenses you may be able to assert.

Once we submit your trial by declaration to the court, it will take 30 to 90 days for the court to review and rule. A decision letter is then sent out.

Our goal as your traffic lawyer is to get that ticket completely dismissed. If the court decides not to dismiss the ticket or only reduces it, we will continue to fight the ticket, or you may elect to accept the verdict and/or go to traffic school.

In a sense, you have nothing to lose by fighting your ticket by a trial by declaration.

Along with the decision letter, the court may send paperwork to attend traffic school or a form to file a trial de novo. If you decide that you want to continue to fight the ticket, we have 20 days from the date of the decision letter to request a trial date.

As your lawyer, we will appear on your behalf for the trial. If the issuing officer does not show up, the ticket will be dismissed. If the officer does show up, we guarantee to do everything we can to still get the ticket dismissed.

Our goal is dismissal! Contact us, and we will conduct a free consultation and discuss your ticket and the best route to take in fighting your traffic ticket.

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