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High Speed Violations

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Los Angeles

A high-speed violation occurs when someone is driving in excess of 100 mph. high-speed violations have different and more severe consequences than a speeding ticket.

A high-speed violation adds 2 points to your driving record, and your driver's license gets suspended for 30 days. There will also be a $500 fine for the first offense. If you get a second high-speed violation ticket within three years of the first violation, the fine goes up to $750, and your driver's license will be suspended for six months.

Unfortunately, traffic school is not an option for a high-speed violation ticket. So not only do you have to pay ticket fines, but your insurance will likely go up. Therefore, a high-speed violation ticket can be costly, and it would be wise to obtain the services of a traffic court defense attorney.

It would be better to pay an attorney and possibly get your ticket completely dismissed. The risk is a wise one and our Los Angeles traffic court attorneys are confident that we can help. To prevent these excessive fines and suspension of your driver license, contact the Hedding Law Firm for a free case consultation.

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