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“I don’t typically write reviews like this but in Ron Hedding’s case I felt it was well deserved and something I really wanted to do. I was facing felony charges with some enhancements and was looking at a year or more in jail. Having never been arrested before I was a bit anxious to say the least. I was not an easy client to deal with but Ron Hedding and The Hedding Law Firm handled the situation like a true professionals.

There were several times I called his office in a panic about one thing or another and Ron was able to walk me off the ledge with some succinct, confident and honest reassurance. I came away from each and every one of those calls feeling much, much better and that I was in good hands.

Ron is direct communicator and holds no punches which I really appreciate. He is able to wade through all the minutia and get to the heart of the matter very quickly. He knows the law and what is relevant to your case and what isnt. He is excellent in the courtroom and leverages the relationships he has developed with DA’s and prosecutors over the years to your benefit.

Ron is a confident, highly talented, closer. He is bottom line focused on results and he gets them. He was able to get my felony charges with enhancements knocked down to a misdemeanor. No jail time, no probation, which in my particular case was awesome.

I highly recommend Ron Hedding to anyone facing criminal charges and in need of a top notch attorney.”

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Named Top Los Angeles Criminal Attorney by LA Times and named one of the Top 100 criminal defense attorneys in California by the National Trial Lawyers Association. I'm the attorney other lawyers hire to defend them.

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