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I can’t say enough about the Hedding Law Firm. I was facing 2 violations of felony probation and a new case and my original attorney told me I was looking up to 3 years in jail and I would absolutely do time. I suffer from kleptomania and he would not even entertain asking for treatment for me so I decided to look for a new lawyer. From the moment I met Ron Hedding I knew I found the right lawyer to represent me. He made me feel like I had a chance of not going to jail and did everything to make that happen. He performed a miracle for me, He got the District Attorney to not violate me on either of the 2 violations (one of the violations was for picking up a new case) and on the new case I was given 90 days of treatment and NO JAIL TIME. Because of him I am now in recovery and 73 days free of stealing and I can hold my head up high and live my life again. If you need a lawyer who cares about you and will do whatever it takes to defend you the Hedding Law Firm is the only one to choose.

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Named Top Los Angeles Criminal Attorney by LA Times and named one of the Top 100 criminal defense attorneys in California by the National Trial Lawyers Association. I'm the attorney other lawyers hire to defend them.