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Writing A False Prescription – California Business & Professions Code 4324

It’s obviously illegal to write or alter a prescription in the State of California or in any of the cities throughout Los Angeles County. I’ve handled a lot of these drug crime cases of forging or altering a prescription case in the LA courts, and obviously, the judges and prosecutors take them seriously because they don’t want people tampering around with prescriptions, especially something that is controlled by the FDA.

They’re concerned that individuals are going to get access to medications and give them to somebody else or kill themselves.

Government Control

This is one of the areas of the law that is really controlled by the government, when it comes to doctors and prescriptions, because of the potential dangers that exist out there. So, usually where I’m seeing these false Writing A False Prescriptionprescription cases or altering a prescription or writing a bad prescription pursuant to California Business & Professions Code 4324 is when somebody maybe becomes addicted to pain pills and they are now going to start tampering around with a valid prescription – adding things, taking things off, signing the doctor’s name on something.

Maybe they get the doctor’s pad for writing prescription or maybe they make it on the internet and they make a prescription. They know what the doctor’s signature looks like. They’re already a patient of the doctor and they want more of a certain drug or medication, so they alter the prescription and end up getting more.

I’ve seen them doing this multiple times and getting multiple prescriptions, either to support an addiction or maybe even to sell the drugs. There are all sorts of stuff going on here. I had a case recently where a client was alleged to not only be altering a prescription, but she was messing around with her work-related documents which gave her time off work because of an injury she had that she was taking prescription medication for.


So, she was signing the doctor’s name – not only on the prescription, but on the paperwork that allowed her to continue to stay out of work and get paid for it. The government, of course, is going to come in on that and they’re going to prosecute that person because that person is fraudulently obtaining money from the government.

Again, any time a prescription is being altered, they’re going to come down and crack people for this type of behavior, especially if it actually involves a doctor or a nurse – somebody within the legal profession doing something illegal or tampering or altering or forging some sort of prescription because they don’t want this type of activity because of the inherent danger that exists for patients and the public at large.

It also strikes at the integrity of our prescription medication system when people are able to falsely get medication when they’re messing around with the paperwork and altering certain things, especially if they then begin to sell the medication.

Now you pretty much have no checks and balances whatsoever as it relates to prescription medication dispensing and this is obviously something the government cannot permit. Because not only does that lead to a danger for society, but it takes away profits that they could be making. If people are selling it at a black market, then the government is not going to be getting a piece of it and that’s one of the things that is very important to the government – that they get their money.

Developing a Defense Strategy

So, if you’re charged with the crime of writing a false prescription, forging or altering a prescription, and you’re being prosecuted under Business & Profession Code Section 4324, give me a call and we’ll set up a meeting. We’ll sit down and go over everything and we’ll see what we can do to get this thing dealt with for you.

A lot of times we can get you just a straight possession and get rid of the more serious moral turpitude-like charge so that you can avail yourself of some of the Propositions which allow you to dismiss your record and keep your record clean so that you can have a good future and you can stay out of jail.

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