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Distribution Of Drugs

When it comes to this distribution of drugs concept in LA, it really has to do with people moving drugs throughout Los Angeles County. Of course, most people realize drugs are moved throughout the country, but particularly in Los Angeles because we border a southern border, there's a lot of drugs pouring into the country by many different ways — by airplane, people are driving them in through ports of entry — so this distribution concept really has to do the movement of drugs and obviously, someone could be prosecuted at either the state or the federal level for this.

You're going to be prosecuted at the state level if you're caught in Los Angeles and the state authorities investigate the case and end up filing a drug charge against you and use distribution as a theory or the way by which you're

moving the drugs. It's not necessarily a crime onto itself, it's just a way that drugs can be used. Contact our California criminal defense lawyers to review the details of your case.

Federal Drug Charges

At the federal level, this usually involves a much larger quantity of narcotics and people involved in this are typically looking at mandatory minimums. There's a five year, a ten year and even twenty years mandatory minimum, especially if you have a prior criminal record at the federal level. So, that's a whole different ball game.

I've been defending federal distribution of drug cases now for approximately twenty-five years. I've been to numerous states across the country and they all pretty much deal with it the same. They take it very seriously. There's the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and obviously, that's very serious business and you're going to need an attorney that has a lot of experience with that.

The way they catch these distributions of drugs rings in Los Angeles and even throughout the country is by using surveillance. They will get search warrants and wiretap people's phones. They will watch them and follow them and build a case and build evidence. When they do the wiretaps, they'll even seize narcotics, take them and then they'll let the person go. They take it from them so they don't have to reveal their investigation to the multiple targets that they are looking at.

Sometimes these distribution investigations throughout LA are long investigations — they're complicated; they take some time. That's why a lot of times when it comes to distribution cases, you see the federal government getting involved and prosecuting people because they have the resources, manpower, prosecutors and the court system to be able to tackle some of these huge drug organizations that are distributing narcotics throughout Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and even across state lines across the country.

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