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What Are Important Factors For Los Angeles Prosecutors To Strike a Strike?

The California three strikes law is a very potent weapon that the prosecutors use. It came into play in the early 1990’s and it has doubled and tripled sentences for criminal defendants in Los Angeles County. The factors that the prosecutors are looking at in determining whether to strike a strike are the age of the strike, the individual’s overall criminal record and what the new case is about. The three strikes law was meant for career offenders. So, if you’re not a career offender then there’s a good argument that maybe your prior strike should be stricken for purposes… Read More

Three-Strikes Law In California

When I was a relatively young attorney, the three-strikes law came out in California. It was a very new concept that was basically designed to put career criminal offenders away for a long period of time. The legislature basically touted it as going after individuals who simply will not stop committing crimes and who are the most worst violent offenders in our system. However, over the years since the early 1990’s when that law was passed, there’s been changes to it, it’s been used inappropriately, and many people have gone away based on the three-strikes law in Los Angeles and… Read More