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How To Put A Subpoenaed Document Into Evidence In A California Criminal Case

It’s a common myth for people to believe that any document can go into evidence and there’s not a problem with it.  All they have to do is put it in there and the judge will let it in.  But the reality is, judges are not just going to let any documents in.  They’re not going to just let any witness testify.  If you want to get an official document into evidence, then you’re going to have to do it the right and you’re going to be talking about it in this context — and I’ve been battling getting documents… Read More

When Can A Body Attachment Be Issued By A Judge Related To A Criminal Subpoena in Los Angeles?

These body attachments are scary because when witnesses don’t show up in court pursuant to subpoenas, the person that subpoenaed that particular witness, especially in a criminal case where you have a lot of power because someone’s freedom is on the line — that person can ask the judge to issue a body attachment.  Once that body attachment is issued, if law enforcement comes in contact with that person, that person is going to be arrested, taken into custody and brought into court at the next court date. That’s not a good thing.  What if the next court date isn’t… Read More