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Why is Sex Trafficking a Minor Prosecuted So Aggressively?

Since they started, I’ve handled these California Penal Code 236.1 PC sex trafficking cases. One of the biggest reasons they’re being prosecuted at such a vast rate is because (1) there are so many of these crimes going on and (2) because of the internet and social media. Prosecutors, police, and judges all realized that with all of these social media connections that people are getting involved with – these apps and the advent of the internet thousands of sex trafficking cases are being prosecuted every month. So, if you or a loved one is charged with sex trafficking, you… Read More

Drug or Alcohol Use and California Sex Crimes

Many sex crimes are premised on some intoxication charge related to drugs or alcohol.  Someone meets another person, they both drink alcohol, they use drugs, and the woman ends up having sex with the man. They wake up the following day, and all of a sudden, the man is being charged with a sex crime, such as California Penal Code 261 PC rape, because the woman indicates they would never have sex under those circumstances. For example, they just met the person, and they must have either drunk too much or were drugged somehow, and now the man is getting… Read More

What Are the Characteristics of the Best Sex Crime Attorney?

When you’re charged with a California sex crime and dealing with how you’re going to handle the situation, it’s terrifying, and you’re going to want to find someone you consider one of the best sex crime defense attorneys.  That’s why I’m posting this article because if you don’t have the best, you’re not going to end up with the best result. One of the biggest things that I believe — having done this for 30 years — is an essential factor in assessing the best is experience.  Meaning, how long has the person been practicing, but also, it runs much… Read More

What Happens at a Consultation with a Sex Crime Attorney?

When I meet with clients who are charged or have been arrested for a sex crime, we sit down in my office, and we pretty much go over what happened related to their arrest and what type of evidence the police might have been able to gather related to the offense. We will also discuss why they got arrested and some of the solutions we can come up with to deal with the problem.  The great thing about it is it’s all confidential.  I always tell people, let’s talk about it honestly.  Please give me all the information.  Don’t hold anything… Read More

What are the Potential Defenses for Sex Crime Cases?

I start by saying potential defenses because not every defense applies to every case.  I get very frustrated when I hear people call in and say; I talked to this law firm and I spoke to this attorney, and they told me about these defenses. I ask, but do they relate to your case?  In other words, did you sit down with them and tell them what you’re being accused of — tell them what evidence the police have against you — and then they said yeah, this is a potential defense you could use. The answer, often, is no… Read More

What Can Happen If You Are Convicted of a Sex Crime?

There’s a whole host of potential punishments that can befall someone who is convicted of a sex crime in the state of California. First, you could have to register as a sex offender.  There’s now a three-tier system to register certain crimes for ten years.  Those are the less serious sex crimes. Mid-level crimes you have to register for 20 years, and of course, the most severe crimes you have to register for life.  That’s something you can talk to your attorney about. When you come and sit down with me, we’ll go over what you’re charged with, and we’ll… Read More

What Happens If Charged with Arranging a Meeting with a Minor?

We are often asked what will happen to me if I am charged with arranging a meeting with a minor for sex in violation of California Penal Code 288.4? This is a severe charge.  The prosecutors are going to be looking to put you in prison.  They’re going to be looking to have you register as a sex offender. They’re going to be looking to protect society from someone they perceive is looking to do bad things to minors under 18.  That’s just the stark, harsh reality of what you’re facing if you’re charged with this particular offense. California law… Read More

Best Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

When you’re looking for the best, you’ve got to go to someone who’s got experience.  Not only experience in criminal defense but experienced in the type of case you’re charged with. What I have you do is come into the office.  We sit down and go over everything.  I’m going to see what your charge is, what the circumstances are, and whether there is a defense in the case or whether this will be a case that we’re going to be negotiating. I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years now.  I’ve worked for the District Attorney’s office in the… Read More

When Should You Fight a Sex Crime Charge?

This is a good question because if you fight a sex crime charge and lose a lot of times, the punishment is much worse than if you had just worked out a deal with the prosecutor through your attorney. So, you have to know when to fight them and when to resolve them.  Of course, the short answer about when you should fight a sex crime case is if you can win. That’s not that easy of an assessment to make.  You’re going to need an attorney for that. You’re going to need somebody who has the experience and has fought… Read More

Why Do People Make False Allegations In Sex Crime Cases?

There are many reasons people make false allegations. One of them is that they were intoxicated when they hooked up with someone. Maybe they were both drunk and using drugs and the person is trying to figure out exactly what happened. Maybe the other person is rude to her and doesn’t make sure that she gets home safely or call her again, so she assumes something bad happened. Many times, there is some sort of a custody dispute and a sexual abuse allegation is raised either against of the parents, which ends up being completely false. I’ve talked to a… Read More

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