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Prostitution v Solicitation of Prostitution in California

It’s a pretty fine distinction between prostitution and solicitation of prostitution.  Obviously, solicitation has to do with somebody offering money for some sort of sexual act.  Once the offer is made and accepted, the crime of solicitation has been completed even if the parties don’t engage in any type of a sexual act.  So, if somebody says to you, I’ll do something sexually, all you have to do is pay me $50.00 and you agree, then you can be charged and conviction of solicitation of prostitution, as can the other person as well. California Penal Code 647(b) covers prostitution charges.… Read More

What Can Attorney Do Pre-Filing in Sex Crime Case?

A lot of people try to represent themselves in some of these sex crime cases and it’s a huge mistake because when you speak to law enforcement regarding a sex crime matter, you really put yourself in jeopardy because if they’re investigating you then you’re a target and they’re going to try to gather information to use it to prosecute you. It’s almost a no-win situation because I’ve seen — even when somebody says, I’m innocent, I didn’t do anything wrong — the next thing you know there’s some statement in there that is being used by the prosecutors that… Read More

How to Defend a Date Rape Charge

More and more, I’ve seen these date rape charges across California, especially since this Me To movement and a lot of times what I’m seeing happen is, a woman will drink to much, take some drugs, mix drugs with alcohol, and basically become in a state where they’re intoxicated to the degree that they don’t even know what’s going on around them Then they wake up in the morning after having been with somebody and they think somehow the person has taken advantage of them, and they end up calling the police and the police do an investigation. The serious… Read More

Issues Regarding California Sex Offender Registration

Some of the important issues when having to register as a sex offender, I see people run afoul of the sex registration laws all the time.  It’s a very dangerous thing to do because a lot of times the people who have to register as a sex offender had to plea to a felony and are looking at state prison time. Sex offender registration is covered under California Penal Code 290. If they violate their probation or even if they’re not on probation, if they fail to register as a sex offender they can be charged with a felony and… Read More

Defenses To Statutory Rape In Los Angeles

Obviously, the sex crime of statutory rape is very serious and could cause a person to go to jail or prison and have a criminal record that is very hard to get off and very hard to get around as you try to search for jobs. So, obviously, people are looking for defenses if they can find them when it comes to these statutory rape cases under California Penal Code 261.5. The first premise you have to start with if you’re charged with statutory rape in Los Angeles, California, is that you cannot have sex with or have any type… Read More