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California Proposition 63 – Filling Out the Gun Form in Los Angeles Criminal Courts

When somebody pleads guilty to a felony or other certain crimes, the courts will make them fill out what I refer to as gun form, which is basically pursuant to California Proposition 63. Everybody has to fill that form out and indicate whether or not they have any guns registered to them or any guns in their possession. This is a very dangerous Proposition because I’ve actually had a couple of clients fill it out and they forgot that they had a couple of guns registered to them many years ago. You’ve already pled guilty then put on probation for… Read More

Proposition 63 – New Gun Law In California

With all of the rising gun violence, there has been a number of different propositions and gun laws that have been passed throughout the country, and in particular, Los Angeles, California. This Proposition 63 is really starting to crack down on people who have guns who are committing crimes. So, if you get convicted of a felony in Los Angeles, that’s it. You lose your right to own, use or possess a gun, bullets, ammunition. A lot of people get caught at shooting ranges. I don’t know why they do it. They give their fingerprints to get a gun or… Read More