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How to Terminate Probation Early in California Criminal Cases

This is a big question on a lot of people’s minds who are on probation in Los Angeles county and they don’t want to be on probation anymore.  They want to move on with their life and try to get a job and try to get that probation terminated early, and even a lot of times people are looking to get their case expunged or dismissed so they can do everything possible to put their criminal matter behind them. Early termination of probation is covered under California Penal Code 1203.3. Complete Terms and Conditions of Probation There are ways to… Read More

Probation Searches of Your Home in Los Angeles

If you get put on probation for a criminal case, sometimes the probation department will be able to search your home as part of them monitoring you.  Usually you’re going to see this in a felony case.  I’ve rarely seen it in a misdemeanor case unless you’re in Ventura County or one of these counties that has a probation department even monitoring people on misdemeanor cases. Confirming You Are Abiding By The Terms of Probation The way that it works is, the probation department can come to your home.  They’ll typically bring the police with them.  They’ll come in and… Read More

What To Expect at a Progress Report Hearing

When somebody is put on probation the Judge will give that person certain terms and conditions of their probation that they have to follow and sometimes that means they actually have to do some things.  For example, they’ve got to do community service, Cal Trans, community labor, the PAWS program.  They might have to do AA meetings.  They might have to do domestic violence courses.  There are all sorts of things that can be ordered depending on what the crime is and what the prosecutors and Judge think will benefit the person, and also what your criminal defense attorney works… Read More

How to Terminate Probation Early in Los Angeles

When it comes to probation, I’ve seen probation anywhere from a year up to five years. I would say on average, if you’re charged with a felony in Los Angeles County and you’re put on probation, it’s usually three years. Prosecution Objection to Ending Probation Early When the defendant comes in and tries to change the terms of the probation, for example, by trying to short the probation up, a lot of times the prosecutors will object to it because they say, that was the deal that you made. We gave you this. You agreed to this. Now, you are… Read More

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