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Accident Reconstruction Experts In California Criminal Cases

Mainly when I see accident reconstruction experts being applicable in a criminal case has to do with some sort of a vehicular manslaughter charge related to some driving-related offense. For example, if two people are racing on the streets and a bad accident occurs and somebody dies, those people will probably be charged with vehicular manslaughter, and basically, the prosecutors are going to argue that they were grossly negligent in how they were driving. Therefore, they’re responsible for the death that could subject them to a felony conviction and prison time. Real Case Example Of Vehicular Manslaughter in California So,… Read More

Difference Between Murder And Manslaughter in California

Murder Charges Require Malice Aforethought Murder really has to do with having an intent and having malice. In other words, when somebody becomes angry at another person and they decide to kill that person and they think it out and they plan it and execute the plan and kill the person, now you’re talking first-degree murder. Then there’s the scenario where somebody gets in a quarrel with somebody and all of a sudden, they get that angry and that malice and they decide to kill them very quickly – that would typically be a second-degree murder. The difference between murder… Read More