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Top Concerns in a Los Angeles Juvenile Criminal Case

Some of the biggest things that I hear parents talking about when they come in for a consultation related to a juvenile case that one of their children has is they are concerned that the juvenile offense and the consequences that flow from it will ruin their child’s future. In other words, when the child tries to get into a good high school or college, or goes to try to get a job in the future, that that juvenile criminal conviction or that contact with the police is going to end up putting them in a bad position so that… Read More

Protecting Juvenile Records in a California Criminal Case

When it comes to these juvenile cases, one of my primary goals as a criminal defense attorney who practices in the juvenile area is to try to protect my client’s record.  Having a criminal record moving forward with your life — especially at such a young age as a juvenile — is very difficult to get a job, to get education and to advance yourself in your life. So, what we try to do is set things up so that either right from the beginning we can keep the record clean or set it up so in the future, if… Read More