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What Percentage Of Jail Time Will You Serve On A Los Angeles Criminal Case?

This is a big question that I see asked all the time and a lot of times my clients ask me this question. Obviously, nobody wants to go to jail. It’s an unpleasant place. The conditions in the county jail are not good. It’s overcrowded and there’s a lot of violent individuals in there so it becomes a dangerous location as well. When I’m asked about the percentage of time that you actually serve on a criminal sentence in the Los Angeles County jail, it’s not the easiest question to answer with exactness, because the sheriffs have developed their own… Read More

Jail Versus Prison In Los Angeles County

More and more, whether someone goes to jail or to prison is a big issue in the criminal defense system in Los Angeles and across California. The Governor of California has really tried to clean out the prisons because of the overcrowding in the past and has really tried to set it up so only the worse offenders in the criminal justice system actually do prison time. Therefore, there’s a list of crimes that determine whether someone goes to prison or whether they serve their time in county jail. What I mean by that is a lot of people are… Read More

Visiting Inmates At Men’s County Jail In Los Angeles

I’ve been visiting my clients at the Men’s County Jail and Wayside and Lynwood for the past twenty-five years, so I know the jail system pretty well. For many, many years it was very difficult to visit inmates – all kinds of issues – and I think to some degree that still exists as I post this. But there was a sweeping investigation of the Los Angeles jails a few years ago and that did help with some of the issues relating to seeing inmates and some of the things that the deputies in LA county do in order to… Read More