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Hearsay Evidence Related To Criminal Cases In California

This concept of hearsay is an interesting one. People through it around all the time, but unless you went to law school and understand what hearsay is and how it works, you’re probably not using it the right way. Hearsay typically has to do in a criminal case in LA with a witness being on the stand and one party – whether the prosecution or the defense – trying to get in a statement that was made outside of court. In other words, somebody may say something during a crime and one of the parties – the prosecution or the… Read More

Evidence In Los Angeles Criminal Defense Cases

Evidence is basically the way the prosecutors prove cases when they charge criminal defendants in Los Angeles County. They have to bring forth evidence. If they don’t have evidence, they don’t have a case. Even the defense can put on evidence to try to defend a criminal case. The defense doesn’t have to put on any evidence in a criminal case in Los Angeles, they can basically rest on the state of the evidence, and if a jury believes that the prosecutor has not met their burden as to whatever the criminal charges are, then the case will be dismissed.… Read More

Evidence In A Criminal Case In Los Angeles, California

I have a lot of clients and those people who are considering retaining my services as a criminal defense attorney tell me well, the prosecutors don’t have any evidence against me, so I don’t really understand why I’m arrested and I don’t understand how they’re going to prove their case. And this is where it’s just a matter that people don’t have the experience of dealing with a criminal case in the Los Angeles County court system and they don’t really understand what evidence is available to the prosecutors. Of course, if the prosecutors have a video tape of you… Read More

Body Cam Evidence In Los Angeles

Not too long ago, the Los Angeles police department issued body cams for all of their officers. Now the fall-out from that issuance is starting to hit the criminal defense arena. There are many body cam evidence requests being sent out by criminal defense attorneys all over LA county and many of them are being answered with evidence. The problem sometimes though is that the police are in control of when the body cam is turned off and turned on. So, a lot of times it is missing time gaps of body cam evidence that you are unable to get… Read More