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What Are the Best Legal Defenses for Drug Sales Cases?

California Health and Safety Code 11351 HS makes the possession for sale of a particular controlled substance a felony crime. If the prosecutor can prove you had control of drugs with the intent to sell them, you will be facing severe consequences. The narcotics covered under HS 11351 include drugs in the Federal Controlled Substances Act, such as cocaine, heroin, opiates, LSD, GHB, ecstasy, peyote, and hallucinogenic substances. Further, you could be prosecuted HS 11351 if you possessed certain prescription drugs, such as oxycodone, if the prosecutor can prove you had the intent to sell them to others and you… Read More

What Are the Best Defenses for Drug Trafficking Cases?

Drug trafficking crimes refer to helping others to move drugs. For example, if you’re selling meth, you’ve got to transport it to others to sell, known as trafficking and often called drug distribution. Trafficking is an illegal act of making, manufacturing, transporting, or selling a controlled substance, including prescription drugs. It’s one of the most severe drug-related charges you could face, and state and federal law enforcement authorities aggressively pursue drug trafficking offenses. Most drug trafficking cases are prosecuted in state courts, but they could be charged as a federal crime if any of the following occurred: Drug trafficking activities… Read More

Police Traffic Stops Involving Drugs and Money

Why Would Police Pull Someone Over, Take Their Drugs and/or their Money and Let Them Go? I confront this situation all the time as a criminal defense attorney where the police are either not arresting my clients, or not arresting some that my clients are associated with. However, yet they’re taking the drugs that they find with them or they are taking a bunch of cash that they find on them, but then they don’t’ arrest the person, and they can’t figure out why the police are doing that. The reality is that you probably got caught up in the middle… Read More

Stealing Power Related to a Marijuana Grow in Los Angeles

Learn About The Crime of Stealing Power That is Related to a Marijuana Grow in Los Angeles I’ve represented a number of people who have been charged with stealing power and this really implicates a lot of issues when it comes to a criminal case in Los Angeles county. First and foremost, it’s a crime and if the dollar amount is of $950.00 it can be charged as a felony theft crime.  Nobody wants to have a felony on their record and if it’s a significant amount of power that’s been stolen, the individual can really have a big problem.… Read More

Severe Penalties for Drug Trafficking Cases in California

Why are Criminal Defendants Facing So Much Time on Drug Trafficking Cases in Los Angeles? Both the state and federal authorities in Los Angeles and across the country are trying to stamp-out those people who distribute illegal drugs throughout LA and throughout the country. To give readers a better understanding on why defendant’s are receiving a substantial amount of jail time for drug trafficking cases, our criminal lawyers are providing an overview below. Health & Safety Code 11370.4 – Drug Weight Enhancement One of the big weapons that they have is what is referred to as a weight enhancement.  In other… Read More

Most Commonly Abused Prescription Opioids

Obviously, this would depend on what the person preferred to be involved with.  But, when it comes to prescription medication/opioids — probably some of the more commonly abused ones would be Vicodin for example.  Vicodin is a drug that’s commonly prescribed when people get injuries and suffer from pain over a decent period of time and the people will start to take the Vicodin medication a lot of times become addicted. First, they make you feel very good and in feeling good, they also avoid pain which is significant for those individuals who are addicted to opioids who are looking… Read More

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

This concept of prescription drug abuse has to do with those individuals who are either given prescription medication for some ailment that they have and they end up getting addicted to it and abusing it and getting as much as they can — that’s one form of prescription abuse. Another form is that an individual just decides that they want to use prescription drugs in order to feel good, help the pain that they have or just because they’re simply addicted to the prescription medication. Doctor Shopping When you’re abusing it, obviously you’re using too much of it and a… Read More

Penalties for Selling Drugs in Los Angeles

What exactly are the punishments for drug sales in Los Angeles? This has been a constant question over the course of the last twenty-five years of me handling drug-related offenses. People get caught for selling drugs or possessing drugs to sell them, which is kind of under the same category and under the same umbrella of California’s drug laws, and obviously they’re worried about going to prison or jail and what their fate is going to be.  Obviously, this is a very scary thing. Do You Have a Prior Criminal Record? As far as whether or not you’re going to… Read More

Why Are Drug Cases Not Filed In Los Angeles At Arraignment?

This happens all the time in Los Angeles. I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years and the narcotic or drug cases in Los Angeles are not filed all the time by prosecutors and the main reason is it’s the detective who are investigating these narcotic cases. Either they’ve played it fast and loose so when they take the case into the prosecutors to evaluate, the prosecutors are looking at it putting their hands in the air and saying, you expect me to file this case? The defense attorney is going to attack this thing. They’re going to file a motion.… Read More

Rave Party Drug Usage in California

There’s all sorts of concerts and rave parties throughout Los Angeles where people are getting caught by either undercover vice or some other way — maybe an employee, a security guard — and they’re basically being charged with drug possession, drug sales and they’re selling them at concerts, rave parties and different locations. A log of these individuals are young – they are millennial — and they don’t realize how this drug possession charge can impact your life and put you in a very bad position as far as getting future employment and all of the things that you would… Read More

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