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Why Are Drug Cases Not Filed In Los Angeles At Arraignment?

This happens all the time in Los Angeles. I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years and the narcotic or drug cases in Los Angeles are not filed all the time by prosecutors and the main reason is it’s the detective who are investigating these narcotic cases. Either they’ve played it fast and loose so when they take the case into the prosecutors to evaluate, the prosecutors are looking at it putting their hands in the air and saying, you expect me to file this case? The defense attorney is going to attack this thing. They’re going to file a motion.… Read More

Rave Party Drug Usage in California

There’s all sorts of concerts and rave parties throughout Los Angeles where people are getting caught by either undercover vice or some other way — maybe an employee, a security guard — and they’re basically being charged with drug possession, drug sales and they’re selling them at concerts, rave parties and different locations. A log of these individuals are young – they are millennial — and they don’t realize how this drug possession charge can impact your life and put you in a very bad position as far as getting future employment and all of the things that you would… Read More

Relationship Between Heroin Abuse And Prescription Opioids

The use of heroin has gained popularity recently because many people have become addicted to opioids involving prescription drugs. According to statistics, nearly 50% of young people addicted to heroin started out using prescription opioids and then progressed to heroin because of the simple fact that heroin typically costs less and is easier to obtain than prescription opioids. The rise in heroin use has consequently led to a rise in charges for possession of heroin. If someone is caught possessing an amount of heroin that exceeds personal use, they can be charged with HS 11351. In order to prove guilt… Read More