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Difference Between a Protective Order and Restraining Order in Los Angeles Domestic Violence Cases

This is a good topic to review because a lot of people get this confused.  So, if you’re charged with a crime and it relates to a domestic violence or spousal abuse case in Los Angeles, one of the issues you’re going to have to grapple with is a lot of times the police will tell your significant other to go get a restraining order.  That’s basically a civil remedy. So, they’re going to go into civil court, fill out the civil paperwork and if they can create enough of an issue related to you, they’ll get the judge to… Read More

Will Prosecutors Dismiss Los Angeles Domestic Violence Case Without Victim Testimony?

I’ve done a lot of domestic violence cases in Los Angeles throughout many years of practicing criminal defense. The law has gone back and forth and changed in relation to whether or not the prosecutors can get the statements in of alleged victims in domestic violence cases. People v. Crawford – Statement from Domestic Violence Victim As it currently stands, there’s a case called People v. Crawford, which allows the prosecutors to get a statement in from the victim if they can prove that the statement was at or around the time of the alleged incident and they have the… Read More

What To Do When Domestic Violence Charges are Filed Against You

Domestic violence charges can be very scary because typically what happens is the person is arrested. They have to post a $50,000 bail. Usually, the other spouse now has control of the home. Victims of Domestic Violence If there are kids involved, a lot of times you’re prevented from seeing your kids. It really throws your world in an uproar. So, as far as what you should do, I think first, don’t cause any more problems with the person that’s claiming that you committed domestic violence against them. Why? Because it’s just going to get you deeper into trouble, and… Read More